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April 23, 2020 The Application of WIFI Module

WiFi module, also known as serial to WIFI module, which belongs to the transmission layer of IoT. The function is to convert serial port or TTL level into embedded module which can conforming to WiFi wireless network communication standard, with built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11 B.G.N protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack.


Traditional hardware devices embedded WIFI modules can use WIFI directly to connect to the Internet, which is an important part of realizing wireless smart home, M2M and other IoT applications.


WIFI modules can be divided into the following three types:

1. Commonly used WIFI module, such as the USB or SDIO interface module of mobile phone, laptop and tablet. WIFI protocol stack and driver are run in Android, Windows and IOS systems, which require very powerful CPU to complete the application;

2. WIFI module of router solution, which is typical for home routers. The protocol and driver are Linux operating system with the help of chips with powerful Flash and Ram resources;

3. Embedded WIFI module, 32-bit single-chip microcomputer, built-in WIFI driver and protocol, the interface is general MCU interface such as UART, etc. Suitable for all kinds of intelligent home or intelligent hardware single products.


Now many manufacturers have tried to add WIFI modules to TV, air conditioning and other devices to build wireless home intelligent systems. The implementation of APP control, can make the IoT devices more intelligent and achieve interconnection with many other appliances.


Applications of WiFi module:

Serial port (RS232/RS485) to WiFi, TTL to WiFi;

WiFi monitoring, TCP/IP and WIFI coprocessor;

WiFi remote control aircraft, cars and other toys;

WiFi network radio, camera, digital photo frame;

Medical devices, data acquisition and handheld devices;

WiFi fat scale, smart card terminal;Intelligent home;

Instrument, equipment parameter monitoring, wireless POS machine;

Modern agriculture, military field and other wireless related secondary development applications.


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