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April 24, 2020 12 Great Internet of things mystery and truth

REVIEW: If you ask five different suppliers or users “What the Internet of things?” “Internet of things in the environment should look like?” They may give you five completely different answers.

1. What is the definition of Internet of Things, there is a fixed answer?

If you ask five different suppliers or users “What Internet of things?” “Internet of things in the environment should look like?” They may give you five completely different answers. This is not right or wrong, if you ask him how to chip makers look of things, he would be interpreted from the perspective of hardware supply and demand to analyze the situation; if it is, or cloud service providers, he might give you another a solution. Internet of things for a lot of dollars, it depends on your point of view from which to cut.

2. Internet of Things is another meaning of M2M communications?

For Internet of things contained more diverse than the M2M communication, not just focus on M2M communications only. Internet of things in the world, it is not only a single communication hardware to a single hardware, there will be exchange of information between each other a lot of Host-side control system. In addition, other Internet of things are also included for the exchange of remote monitoring, hardware and Host end between the ends and the like.

3. All Internet of things hardware can work together?

Not necessarily, standardization is the biggest problem. To solve this problem, some vendors will by means of specific cloud interfaces to products from other suppliers to exchange information. Industry also has a lot of things about the standards development organizations, such as Thread Thread Group to develop communication protocols, or ARM’s mbed ecosystem, to some extent, may provide the platform compatibility of certain products, but the whole world Internet of things still no certain standards to follow.

4. Internet of things equal ubiquitous sensors?

The answer is not right. Internet of things lot of hardware indeed filled with a variety of sensors, but the data collected by the sensor, in fact, Internet of things only one way to obtain hardware information only. Internet of things hardware maintenance and management, and communication (not via sensor) is among other Internet of things hardware very important part.

5. What Internet of things with big data relationships?

Not necessarily, but the big data trend will be long-term goal is a key supplier Internet of things can provide differentiated services. In the short term it may not be until not reached the number of networking hardware units worldwide reach tens of billions, some Internet of things can not necessarily apply to import large data analysis. Many Internet of things are not necessarily based on the case of large data analysis, but also successfully extended to the market; in addition, some applications (such as advertising push), does not necessarily need to use big data.

6. Internet of Things applications to protect privacy safe?

Privacy and security Internet of Things applications has been very important issue, when all data has been collected, all hardware networking, everything is uploaded to the cloud, how to protect consumers’ privacy? In view of this, a lot of Internet of things to privacy standards are particularly safe place priority, both in the hardware layer and software layer, communication layer, must do multiple layers of protection, every step must be committed to this supplier.

7. The stability of certain Internet of things is not high?

This is also a problem with privacy, it is many people’s concerns. Hardware and Internet of things environments can achieve high stability, but only if the developer must be in the deployment process, maintaining flexibility to expand system and software maintenance, more careful.

8. The era of Internet of things that all companies will become Internet companies?

The sound from the .com era has emerged, to the era of Internet of things, there will be more people advocated this view. But software developers LogMeIn Srinivasan, general manager (Paddy Srinivasan) believe that all companies would have to change so much software companies, more accurate to say that we all came to a company will become a “software as a service (SaaS)” Suppliers era. SaaS is more than pure software companies focus on customer service it, sound cloud architecture, security, long-term customer service system is very important. SaaS thinking let pure hardware vendors have the opportunity to become service providers to accelerate industrial restructuring, to create more value.

9. Internet of Things hardware must have a wireless communication feature?

Generally, a Internet of Things hardware will have at least one means of communication, and can be connected to the cloud, and the other end of the hardware or routers. Indeed, many Internet of Things hardware will support wireless communications, but do not forget, Ethernet, USB cable and other communication way of solution, so the focus should be, “communication” is the networking hardware necessary capacity, as is choosing a wireless or wired communication is look at the product, the characteristics of the application itself.

10. To make a Internet of Things hardware is actually not that hard?

Do you want to see to what extent. Yes, Internet of Things are basically the three most important hardware core is MCU (microcontroller) plus sensor plus communications chip, to this extent, you can say this is a Internet of Things hardware, but not necessarily be able to play things of value, the key is on the hardware you add what kind of applications with service?

11. the key Internet of Things is to “objects”?

We spent a lot of time talking about Internet of Things hardware, but does not mean that this “thing” is the most important core of Internet of things. Internet of Things truly innovative in that place is not the object networking, but what do we take these objects to gather information? For example, in traditional times, in fact, a lot of hardware manufacturers simply did not understand their customers, to the era of Internet of Things, the problem is likely to be resolved, manufacturers can better understand their customers appearance, thus providing more relevant to its demand for products and services.

12. Internet of things must be “subversive innovation” to be successful?

Amazon Echo with an almost unprecedented voice Bluetooth speaker, imagine subvert the market, but some Internet of things you can not achieve this level of non? Not necessarily, from the old products, old industry which “re-innovation (re-invention)” is another path in the market products already exist, you still have a chance to make it into a Internet of things hardware, even with traditional industry links and create new Internet of things service mode.

12 Great Internet of things mystery and truth-USRIOT

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