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April 23, 2020 5 Advantages for 4G Industrial Routers

In the 1990s, 2-Generation wireless telephone technology(2G) was introduced, which allowed mobile users to make digital calls and send text messages. In 2003, 3G was introduced, which made mobile users browse the web on mobile, make video calls, and download music and videos possible.


When 4-Generation wireless telephone technology(4G) came out in 2012, 4G has the same functions like 3G, but 4G is faster than 3G, While 4G LTE(long term evolution) is the fastest, the download speeds of 4G LTE is 150Mbps theoretically. 4G is changing the way we do business, shopping, bank, watch TV and communications.


Mobile phones aren't the only devices that can connect the 4G network. Businesses and home users can connect to the Internet via 4G industrial routers. Here are five USES:



4G LTE connections can share a carrier's wireless network with multiple WiFi devices, such as cameras, charging piles, cars, etc. 4G industrial routers can also be shared with peripheral devices such as wired devices and printers. This allows people to create a complete temporary office almost anywhere.


In remote areas

4G is ideal for users who do not have access to traditional ADSL or wired broadband, for example, in rural or remote areas. This can be further enhanced with 4G antennas.



4G industrial routers are suit for fairs and expos, etc., or extranet demonstrations in the office. 4G industrial routers can even be installed on buses, trains or ships, which allows passengers to connect to WIFI while commuting or travelling.


The construction site

The environment of the construction site is complex, and there are many lines. If the installation of cable is too expensive or complicated, the network provided by 4G wireless equipment for the site equipment can keep the connection between the site and the headquarters easily.


In addition to these advantages, 4G's response time is shorter than 3G's. If you need any of the above solutions or want to discuss 4G connection, please visit USRIOT's website, or contact our engineers.

Industrial loT Gateways Ranked First in China by Online Sales for Seven Consecutive Years **Data from China's Industrial IoT Gateways Market Research in 2023 by Frost & Sullivan
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