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April 28, 2020 Bluetooth Module WH-BLE103

WH-BLE103 is a low-power Bluetooth module which supports BLE4.2 protocol and the user can realize communication through simple configuration. The module can be used for point-to-point transparent transmission and encryption transmission. 


The Bluetooth module can work at master mode or slave mode. User can set one module as master, the other one as the slave for transparent transmission. Or develop an APP according to standard BLE protocol to communicate with the module. BLE103 supports one-to-many broadcast mode and iBeacon protocol. And also support modifying 128bit format UUID to be compatible with other company BLE modules. WH-BLE103 is a reliable module with various functions and high compatibility.


Features of Bluetooth module WH-BLE103

Compatible with USR-BLE101 in function and encapsulation, add external version and GPIO

Ultra tiny size10*10*2mm

Support BLE4.2 protocol, compatible with low version

The low power broadcast mode is 300µA on average, and the sleep mode is 500nA on average. Multiple wake-up modes

Master and slave integration. Quick-switch

A variety of configuration methods, support AT commands

Support for one to many broadcast mode, built-in iBeacon protocol

Support Mesh networking and quickly build a Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth to UART data transmission

1.7V~3.6V single power supply

Far transmission distance. Point to point transmission distance up to 60m

Support 128bit format UUID modification can communicate with other manufacturers module.

low-power BLE module wh-ble103

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