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April 23, 2020 Does the Cellular Router Need 5G Network?

Does the cellular router need 5G network?


As is known to all, the IoT field is using the cellular router mainly. Currently, there are many automatic unmanaged devices in the field of the IoT, such as security and monitoring, vending machines, express cabinets, car washing machines, etc. These application areas have strict requirements on the stability of the network. Now, most regions are using the 4G network, but the 4G network sometimes can limit the using scene of the device according to the signal strength.


For example, the current 1080P or higher Blu-ray 4M monitoring equipment has strict requirements on the network. In the case that the signal is not stable enough, the 4G network may lead to unclear picture and frame loss. If using 5G, this problem can be solved directly. Because the 5G network is faster than 4G network 100 times.No matter the upstream rate downstream rate, the 5G network can completely solve the problem of network equipment!


If 5G comes into the market, the cellular routers will soon be applying to 5G. 5G will improve the application and work efficiency of the IoT. As the world needs the 5G network, the world will build the 5G network in 2020. 5G has stronger advantages than 4G, which is a new standard for the network of the world.


In terms of network speed, 5G is 100 times faster than 4G. In short, 5G is no longer just an exclusive network for Internet access. It is more like a highway for wireless transmission industry. But when will 5G cellular routers come into the market? According to the experience, after the 5G mobile appears on the market, communication module manufacturers will produce the 5G module. And the cellular router manufacturers will produce the 5G cellular router with that, which is expected to be after 2020.



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