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October 10, 2020 Introduction to USR IOT

USR IOT - Industrial Internet of things(IIOT) communication brand, is committed to providing customers solutions for "network transmission of device data".


With the network techniques of software and hardware, USR IOT can help customers build smarter IoT systems and improve operation efficiency more intelligently.


Products of USR IOT includes 4G industrial routers, serial device servers, serial to ethernet modules, ethernet switches, 2G/4G modem, PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) gateways, network IO controller, industry-specific controller, GPRS / 4G, NB-IoT, LoRa, WiFi, BlueTooth modules, and USR IOT cloud platform. Customers can realize configuration design quickly without programming, so as to achieve efficient operation and maintenance management of devices through intelligent data collection.


USR IOT adheres to the cultural concept of "be honest, do best" and provides customers with products of reliable, easy to use and reasonable price as well as OEM/ODM service.


USR IOT products are widely used in fire alarm, environmental monitoring, power distribution networks, medical terminal, smart agriculture, Sharing economy. Typical application scenarios include industrial PLC remote monitoring, intelligent charging pile, intelligent express cabinet, vending machine, smart door lock, intelligent water and electric meter, intelligent parking, etc.


With persevering efforts, USR IOT has lots of successful cases such as 4G routers applied in the Hangzhou G20 summit and Daming lake light show, serial device servers used in the 70th anniversary of the anti-fascist victory parade, 4G modules used in agricultural machinery supervision, 4G gateways used in distribution of unmanned vehicles. Those demonstrated high recognition and reputation gained from different industries and customers.


The name of USR IOT in Chinese '有人 You Ren' means who has talents,who has the future.

After eight years of rapid development, USR IOT has more than 400 employees. Nearly half of them are research and development staff.


USR IOT has won many honors such as "National High-tech Enterprise, software enterprise, gazelle enterprise, invisible champion cultivation enterprise, national excellent enterprise in electronic information industry, most valuable and influential IOT communication enterprise".


In 2017, the revenue of USR IOT had reached over 100 million RMB. In 2018, USR IOT obtained round A strategic financing of 30 million RMB from Red Brige Capital and Shenzhen Innovation Capital group, and entered the fast track of development with capital support.


USR IOT has established a sound marketing and service system, including brand communication, exhibition and customer visits, etc. We provide services for small and medium customers via customer service and support center system. Furthermore, senior application engineers provide one-to-one technical support for key customers on-site. USR IOT has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Chengdu, and distributors in many districts of the world.


USR IOT has served more than 90,000 customers both domestically and overseas, with a total shipment of more than 10 million pieces. In 2019, the company invested 10 million RMB to build three automatic production lines which provides design and manufacture services,meanwhile, to improve quality and efficiency. The whole production process is under control from the beginning of research and development to the spot check before shipment, including qualified material vendor selection, material purchase, incoming material inspection, material storage control, lean production, and strict test. We do our best to ensure that the product is qualified, environmental protection, reliable.


Now, USR IOT has close cooperation with well-known enterprises, such as STATE GRID, SHINVA MEDICAL INSTRUMENT, ORDER GROUP, Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile/Unicom/Telecom, Ctrip, DASCOM group, INSPUR, etc.


Youngsters are the future of the Internet and also the future of the IoT. USR IOT provides customers with reliable and easy-to-use industrial IOT communication products, with the Internet thinking and the continuous accumulation of technological innovations.


With the arrival of industry 4.0 and 5G, the Internet and intelligence of everything have become an irreversible trend. USR IOT will continue to care about employees, pay attention to customers, continue to research and development, help customers realize the upgrading of the IoT with leading software and hardware technologies and excellent services, promote the industry's growth and benefit the society.


Build a smarter IoT world, your trustworthy partner - USR IOT!

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