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April 29, 2020 Dual card industrial 4G router

The Achilles heel of industrial wireless connection has always been unpredictable, and this is absolutely not the fault of operators that offer LTE wireless phones and data services. Of course, some countries are more fortunate in infrastructure than other countries, but due to the channel characteristics of the wireless environment, if the dual-card industrial router cannot be connected, only one LTE terminal device can be connected. It must be acknowledged that fluctuations in the performance of LTE networks are inevitable. A good way for mutual complementarity is to combine 2 or more unpredictable into a single channel, but it is more predictable to connect the broadband combination industry in the early 2000s. As time goes on, intelligent layer routers that have evolved into dual-card in cognitive networks have shown phenomenal milestones.


USRIOT has demonstrated dual-card industrial 4G routers at several exhibitions, having the multi-network intelligent switching function of dual network simultaneous online or single network online mode to ensure communication link switching backup and prevent offline. It can not only switch between wired and wireless case at any time, meanwhile, support VPN private network / VPDN, but also realize high-demand networking in the full Netcom mode, which is suitable for projects with high speed requirements such as intelligent parking lot, industrial control network, environmental protection detection, and smart agriculture.


Simply speaking, dual-card industrial 4G routers are favored not because of double capacity, but because the convenient software management is very simple and easy to use for the link management of each data packet. It is just like unpredictable channels are merged into a predictable and optimized connection – it seems that someone has dropped a portable “fiber” connection on the stand. Taking action about optimization at the application level and millisecond granularity means that no one can match the speed and accuracy of the network to optimize performance or solve problems. The problem is mitigated in real time. Making the network run automatically is the future trend.

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