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Application of 4G LTE Industrial Router with Serial Port

  4G LTE Industrial VPN Router with Serial Port

  Industrial 4G Cellular Router G807 is a combination of a 4G LTE router and 4G DTU. Integrating embedded cellular modem, it provides a 3G/4G cellular network, It also equipped with 2 fast Ethernet ports,1 RS485 interface(RS232 optional), and supports Wi-Fi access. Features with compact and rugged design it can be used as a reliable failover connection or wireless communication in a harsh environment. It is suitable for large-scale distributed M2M/IoT applications, such as smart express cabinets, charging piles, CCTV, bank ATM machines, ticketing machines, traffic management, vending machines, medical device networking, tower monitoring, construction sites, digital signage, electricity, water conservancy, environmental protection, etc.

  Industrial 4G Cellular Router integrates with routing and serial modem, which can easily achieve the bi-directional data transparent transmission between RS485 devices and 4G network, supports connecting to various cloud platforms.

  Remote Management, Remote Access

  Efficient Batch configuration without on-site

  Remote access: open the built-in web page of the router anywhere without a private network

  Remote maintenance: cloud-based configuration, batch parameter settings, and firmware upgrading.

  Online supervision: Real-time monitoring of traffic consumption, network type, and signal strength, understand the on-site network status anytime and anywhere

  Exception push: the maintenance personnel receive the alarm information at a time when the network is abnormal

  Base station positioning: Precise positioning of the router on the cloud.

  Smart Express Cabinet

  Industrial 4G Cellular Router integrates routing and serial modem, which can not only provide a network for industrial computers and cameras but also provide data interaction for the door locks. When the user uses the smart express cabinet, the Industrial 4G Cellular Router can enable the cabinet and the server to communicate in time and open the door of the box.

  Smart construction Site-environmental monitoring & surveillance

  Industrial 4G Cellular Router integrates routing and serial modem in one. The data detected by the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other sensor equipment of the industrial site can be uploaded to the server through the serial port; the face recognition of the security gate and the real-time image of the camera are uploaded to the large monitoring screen through the routing function.

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