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May 29, 2023 Advantages of Industrial 4g lte modems Suitable for Electricity

Industry what are the advantages of 4G LTE modem for use in the power industry

Personal safety tens of millions, electricity safety first, high-voltage electricity is known as the "toothless" tiger, has been emphasized safe power supply, safe electricity.However, with the rapid development of social industry, the demand for the power industry is becoming more and more stringent. As a huge and complex system, the overall operation of the power system is becoming increasingly complex with the development, which puts forward higher requirements for power system scheduling and wireless data transmission.As a dispatcher, the workload is undoubtedly dangerous and complicated for the staff to understand the power situation in real time and control the power grid information, such as current and voltage, industrial and civil electricity and the sudden security situation of the power grid.

As one of the lifelines of the national economy, the electric power industry must guard this barrier, take the safe power supply as the premise, improve the automation level of the dispatching system instead of manual operation, and implement the concept of "safe power supply, safe power consumption".Based on this demand, the advantages of Industry 4G LTE modem are obvious. As a data transmission device, PUSR Industry 4G LTE modem can provide an efficient and reasonable solution for power data transmission.

Industry 4G LTE modem enabling power supply system

Industry 4G LTE modem can effectively improve the automation level of dispatching system in power system in the application of power industry.Special induction equipment can be installed at the key nodes of the power grid, and the real-time data information of the power grid can be transmitted to the remote control room through the Industry 4G LTE modem, so that the dispatcher can easily monitor the situation of the grid, more effectively optimize the allocation of power resources, greatly improve the economic benefits of grid operation, and reduce the labor intensity of personnel.

System principle

In the power dispatching system, the functions of Industry 4G LTE modem can be flexibly combined through software configuration. The 4G LTE modem function module transmits data information such as high-voltage line voltage, line current, zero sequence current and equipment status in real time and uploads them to the cloud. The functions of line fault detection and removal can be effectively realized through data analysis.The communication management module is provided with various communication interfaces and various standard communication protocols. In addition to the internal data management function of the terminal, it can also forward the data of the electric energy meter, PLC and DC screen in the distribution room or switching station, and complete the data transmission with the master station system through a standard unified interface.

The only standard for 4G LTE modem

In the future, more efforts should be made to popularize the intelligent power supply system, which is in line with the development concept of social development, stable and mature power supply in rural and urban areas. It is this development trend that has given birth to the evolution of PUSR Industry 4G LTE modem. The growing market prospects require a clear division of the track, and PUSR Industry 4G LTE modem caters to the development trend of the power industry.

1. And that real-time performance of the data is strong

Industry 4G LTE modem has the function of network heartbeat packet, which can be online for 24 hours without system delay, and synchronously receive and process all the collected data. It can meet the real-time requirement of the scheduling system.

2. Wide applicable monitoring range

The 4G LTE modem can be deployed and used in any area covered by the operator's communication network, which can meet the access needs of different areas such as mountainous areas and towns.

3. Hort construction period, low cost and simple use.

The 4G LTE modem can provide efficient and reliable communication transmission for the power system through the communication network of the operator, and can provide wide-area wireless IP connection by using the existing network system of the operator, so that the construction period is shortened, the construction cost is reduced, and the equipment is simple to use.

4. High data transfer rate

The maximum downlink rate of data transmission of the Industry 4G LTE modem is 10Mbps, and the maximum uplink rate is 5Mbps, which can fully meet the transmission needs.

5. And that anti-interference capability is strong

Industry 4G LTE modem can meet the application environment of high power interference in the power industry.

PUSR Industry 4G LTE modem has been closely following the development needs of the market, in order to ensure that every function, software and hardware are updated and iterated with the development of the industry. With the strength of the industry, we hope to popularize the intelligent power system in an all-round way, push it to remote mountainous areas and light up thousands of lights. Call for every participation to become the self-circulation vitality of the development of the power industry.

4G LTE modem characteristics of PUSR

USR-G771-E is a classic 4G LTE modem of PUSR. Taking G771 as an example, what are the characteristics of PUSR's 4G LTE modems.

USR-G771-E is a LTE CAT 1 communication modem, which supports LTE and GSM, covers the mainstream frequency bands of European operators. It has perfect software function, supports TCP/UDP transparent transmission, SMS transmission, HTTPD Client mode and AT command configuration. In addition, it is simple to configure, has high reliability and built-in hardware watchdog, supports FOTA upgrading. USR-G771-E supplies a wide voltage range power through terminal and DC interface, RS232 and RS485 standard interfaces, meets the needs of different application scenarios

● Equipped with CAT-1 network, 10Mbps download rate, 5Mbps upload rate, meeting 80% of the data transmission application scenarios 

● Low latency in milliseconds 

● Multiple modes, supports LTE CAT 1 and GPRS 

● Wide coverage, high stability based on existing 4G network 

● Supports TCP/UDP, HTTPD and SMS transparent transmission 

● Each socket supports buffering 20 packets of serial port data, each packet is up to 4K 

● Supports parameter configuration via network, serial and SMS AT command 

● Supports base station geolocation and NTP function 

● Support 9~36V wide voltage supply USR-G771-E User Manual Technical 

● Multiple indicator lights, convenient and accurate to check the device status  Industrial grade, hardware watchdog, high reliability

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