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December 21, 2021 Gu Xin, founder of Shandong PUSR IOT Co., LTD, was awarded "2021 Qilu New Young Businessman"

  In order to unite and lead young entrepreneurs to shoulder heavy burdens and make contributions to the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, the Third Executive Council (Expanded) Meeting of the Ninth Shandong Youth Entrepreneurs Association was held in Jinan on December 21. Shandong PUSR IOT Co.Gu Xin, chairman of? LTD, was invited to attend the meeting, and was awarded "2021 Qilu Xinrui Young Businessman" by virtue of his outstanding achievements in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and was successfully elected as a member of the Provincial Youth Enterprise Association through deliberation.

  Shandong Young Entrepreneurs Association is a mass organization gathering outstanding young entrepreneurs from all walks of life in Shandong Province, and a bridge and link between the Communist Youth League and young entrepreneurs and outstanding young talents. The selection of young businessmen requires young entrepreneurs not only to have outstanding business acumen, but also to have a sense of innovation, as well as a sense of responsibility and mission to care for society.

  As an outstanding representative of young entrepreneurs, Guxin has been engaged in entrepreneurship since 2012, and has always maintained the passion and perseverance of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the responsibility of actively repaying the society.Over the years, he has actively responded to the call of the state, devoted himself to the wave of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, helped enterprises to carry out technological innovation, empowered Chinese innovators, and at the same time led enterprises to actively participate in social welfare undertakings, proved by action, actively contributed to society, and promoted the construction of social public welfare spiritual civilization.

  In the past nine years, Guxin's leading enterprise has completed the transformation from a start-up enterprise to a small and micro enterprise to a large-scale enterprise and then to a provincial gazelle enterprise. It has become a state-level specialized, special and new small giant enterprise, one of the top 10 private enterprises in Shandong Province, and one of the top 100 software enterprises in Shandong Province, with remarkable achievements in entrepreneurship.This time, he won the honor of "Top Ten New Young Businessmen in Qilu", which is the embodiment of his personal strength and values.

  Gu Xin (second from left) won the top ten new young businessmen in Qilu in 2021.

  2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, opening a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Gu Xin is deeply honored and meaningful to join the Provincial Youth Enterprise Association this year and win the honor of "New Young Businessmen".At the same time, he hopes to strengthen cooperation with outstanding young entrepreneurs, gather wisdom and strength, strengthen the team building of the Youth Enterprise Association, constantly enhance its attractiveness, cohesion and influence, and make every effort to contribute to the development and construction of Jinan.

  Standing at a new historical starting point, on the road to the cultural revival of the Chinese nation, young entrepreneurs in the new era should shoulder the responsibilities and responsibilities entrusted by the new era and do a good job as practitioners of contemporary entrepreneurship. They should not only lead enterprises to create excellent performance, but also actively contribute to the country, solve problems for the society and seek benefits for employees.

  Guxin said that in the coming 2022, he will continue to uphold the glorious tradition and spirit of solidarity of young entrepreneurs in the province, live up to the expectations of the Communist Youth League, the League Provincial Committee and other departments, keep in mind the identity and mission of young people, firm ideals and beliefs, and create brilliant achievements worthy of the times.

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