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April 2, 2022 High Energy Ahead: USR IOT Award-winning Collection Is Coming

  The end of the season is coming, Li Fen Fa.

  A wave of PUSR IOT awards is coming. Let's take a look at the awards! 

  The first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Internet of Things Association

  In recent months, the results of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Internet of Things Association were officially announced. By selecting a number of innovative projects that can solve the key, common and bottleneck problems in the field of Internet of Things and intellectualization, and at the same time have high technology content and good benefits, this selection activity realizes the exchange and promotion of Internet of Things and intellectualization technology.

  With the comprehensive performance of project scientificity, creativity and advancement, the USR IOT "of digital production plant construction project based on industrial Internet won the first prize of Shandong Internet of Things Association Science and Technology Progress Award.

  "Digital Production Plant Construction Project Based on Industrial Internet" realizes the comprehensive and scientific management and control of workshop through the interconnection of production equipment, instruments, sensors, control systems, management systems and other elements of production workshop, greatly improves the scientificity of workshop planning and the synergy of production process, and promotes the production equipment and information system. It provides direction for digital management of factories or production workshops in various industries.

  "5G + Industrial Internet" Application Pilot Project

  On March 1, Jinan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Publishing the List of Pilot Demonstration Projects of "5G + Industrial Internet" Application in Jinan in 2021. The USR IOT "of" Intelligent Factory Safety Production Monitoring Project "based on" 5G + Industrial Internet "was successfully selected.

  This solicitation activity is organized by Jinan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology to carry out the pilot solicitation of "5G + Industrial Internet" application to key industries and enterprises in the city, so as to enrich the application scenario of "5G + Industrial Internet" in Jinan.

  The selected project of USR IOT mainly provides digital production plant construction scheme for industrial manufacturing enterprises, dynamic evaluation, accurate analysis, prediction and early warning and intelligent supervision of factory safety production situation, improves safety early warning analysis ability and safety management ability, and helps to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing factory safety production.

  Jinan 2022 Shangyun Service Provider

  On March 11, Jinan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the List of Cloud Service Providers in Jinan in 2022. After public solicitation, regional recommendation and expert review, USR IOT was awarded as a cloud service provider in Jinan in 2022.

  Since 2020, USR IOT has been awarded Jinan Shangyun Service Provider for three consecutive years, fully demonstrating the company's strength and ability in cloud services.

  At present, the company's cloud service platform- "PUSR Cloud" service enterprises "has nearly 100000 customers in many sub-sectors, such as industry, agriculture, electricity, environmental protection, sharing and so on, and has the ability to provide the whole industry chain solutions for various industries. In the future, USR IOT will focus on the improvement of PUSR Cloud service function and service quality, help enterprises to go to the cloud, and realize the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

  Won Three Honors in 2021 "IOT Star" Selection

  On March 16, the results of the annual selection of the "Star of the Internet of Things in 2021" in China's Internet of Things industry were announced.

  Gu Xin, chairman of USR IOT, won the 2021 Internet of Things Annual Outstanding Person Award, USR IOT won the 2021 Most Valuable Investment Enterprise Award and the 2021 Most Influential Internet of Things Communication Enterprise Award.

  Since the establishment of USR IOT, with his professional background, industry insight and perception ability in the field of Internet of Things, Guxin has led the company firmly towards the direction of "industrial Internet ecological enterprise centered on links", and strived to enhance the company's industry influence and brand awareness.

  After years of development, USR IOT has gained a firm foothold in the Internet of Things communication industry, and has a deep accumulation in the field of Internet of Things communication modules and communication terminals, PUSR Cloud design, and PUSR Cloud system applications.

  At present, USR IOT has provided products and solutions for Wen's Group, Muyuan, Harrow Bicycle and other well-known enterprises, covering industrial manufacturing, smart agriculture, power distribution network, fire alarm, environmental protection testing, smart buildings, smart cities and other fields.

  This award is an affirmation and recognition of USR IOT's industry influence and development value potential. Next, USR IOT will continue to study industry technology and promote the development of the Internet of Things in China.

  Jinan Service Industry Innovation Center

  On March 18, Jinan Development and Reform Commission announced the List of Jinan Service Innovation Centers to be Recognized in 2021. USR IOT was awarded Jinan Service Industry Innovation Center through the procedures of district and county recommendation and expert evaluation in the early stage.

  As an information technology service enterprise, Youren Internet of Things has been deeply engaged in the new generation of information technology industry, and has independently developed industrial Internet of Things big data platform technology, cloud configuration technology and related supporting hardware technology. At the same time, the company's products are rich and diverse, and it is one of the few whole industry chain solution providers in the industry. Subsequently, in order to strengthen the service capability of enterprises, the company will continue to promote the deep integration of advanced technology level and application prospects of the industry, and vigorously promote technological innovation and industrial development of the industry and related industries and fields.

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