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Introduction of Serial TTL to Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-T2

Introduction of Serial TTL to Ethernet Module USR-TCP232-T2


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USR-TCP232-T2 is a new and tiny size serial to Ethernet module which realizes data bidirectional transparent transmission between TTL Port and RJ45 Port, it can also used in RT232/ RS485 by level shift circuit. T2 is equipped with Cortex-M0 core. It has characters of low power, fast speed, high efficiency, strong compatibility, it is easy to use.


Features of USRIOT's Ethernet module USR-TCP232-T2

●Support DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol);

●Support DNS (Domain Name System);

●Web-set: Setting parameters through web;

●Upgrade firmware via network;

●Support AUTO MDI/MDIX, can use a crossover cable or parallel cable connection;

●Serial port baud rate 600 bps ~460.8Kbps, and None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space, five check bits;

●Work mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, httpsD Client;

●Working model related parameters can be set via a serial port or network; USR-TCP232-T2 User Manual Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited 9 / 60

●Support virtual serial port, self-developed USR-VCOM software;

●Heartbeat package mechanism to ensure connection is reliable, put an end to connect feign death;

●User-defined registration package mechanism, check the status of connection;

●Under TCP Server model, Client number rangefrom1 to 16, default value is 4;

●Support User-defined MAC address;

●Restore factory default;

●Across the gateway, switches, routers;

●Across the gateway, across switches, routers;

●Provide(socket), VB, C++, Delphi, Android, IOS;

●Download application cases;

●Support customization;


Parameters of Ethernet module-USR-TCP232-T2 

Parameter Parameter Value
Voltage VCC: DC 3.3V, 3.15V~3.45 V VDD: DC 5V, 4.75V~5.5V
Current 130mA
Consumption <1W
Serial Level TTL
LAN Port RJ45 with electromagnetism isolation
Packing DIP
Size PCB: 50.5*22.6mm(L*W) Module: 55.0*22.6*23.1mm (L*W*H)
Temperature Working temp: -25 ~ 75 °C Storage temp: -40 ~ 105 °C Storage humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH


USR-TCP232-T2 Parameters


image of usriot's ethernet module USR-TCP232-T2


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