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May 26, 2023 Method for connecting digital devices with serial to Ethernet converter interface

Serial to ethernet converter Provides the function of converting RS232/485/422 serial port into TCP/IP network interface to realize bidirectional and transparent data transmission between RS232/485/422 serial port and TCP/IP network interface. The serial port device can immediately have the TCP/IP network interface function, connect the network for data communication, greatly expand the communication distance of the serial port device.

Serial to ethernet converter works

Serial to ethernet converter is the packet from TCP/IP protocol, parsing into serial port data stream; On the contrary, you can also put the serial data stream into TCP/IP protocol data packets, so as to achieve the network transmission of data. It can connect multiple serial devices and can select and process serial data stream, convert the existing RS232 interface data into IP port data, so that the traditional serial data can be sent to the popular IP channel, without prematurely eliminating the original CNC system equipment without Ethernet module, so as to improve the utilization rate of existing equipment, save the investment, Simplify the wiring. In the aspect of data processing, Serial to ethernet converter is a connection oriented RS232 link and connectionless Ethernet communication data storage control, the system to process a variety of data, processing serial data flow from serial device, and format conversion, Make it can be transmitted in the Ethernet data frame; The data frame from the Ethernet is judged and converted into serial data delivery response serial port device. In practical application, Serial to ethernet converter is to map the Ethernet interface of TCP/IP protocol to a standard serial port under the Windows operating system. The application program can transmit, receive and control it like a common serial port. For example, the general computer has two Serial ports COM1 and COM2, through Serial to ethernet converter can be mapped to the serial port above COM3, COM4, COM5 and so on. The application of Serial to ethernet converter is very wide, mainly used in access control system, attendance system, vending system, POS system, building automatic control system, self-service banking system, telecommunications room monitoring, power monitoring and so on.

Troubleshooting 1. Use the converter to set the program, can not find the device.

1. Because the converter setup program is set using UDP protocol, it is generally possible that the firewall of the antivirus software will block the UDP request, resulting in the failure to find the device.

2. Sometimes the customer has turned off the antivirus software such as Rising and NORTON, but the device still cannot be found. In this case, it may be the firewall of WINDOWS XP that blocks the UDP request. Right click on "Online neighbor", select "Properties", right click on "Local connection", select "Properties", then select "Advanced" option, click "Settings", enter the relevant page, close the firewall.

3. Turn off all firewalls, if you still can't find the device, you must find the network administrator, because in this case, there may be Serial to ethernet converter set IP address and computer IP address conflict in the LAN, may also cause the device can not be found. It may also be due to the network administrator to manage the LAN, do not allow no registered IP address, MAC address in the LAN running, can require the network administrator to open.

Troubleshooting 2. After the converter is equipped, it is found that the TCP connection cannot be established.

1. It is possible that the firewall blocks the TCP connection and does not allow it to establish a connection. The solution can be solved by referring to some of the above methods.

2. The IP address may be incorrectly set. If the converter is acting as the client, the server IP address is the IP address of the computer or the network device communicating with the converter. If the converter acts as the server, there is a "Converter as server" setting in the Setup wizard when using the "Connection Management System" of the virtual serial port. Enter the IP address and port number of the converter.

3 If the use of virtual serial port, must be in the "converter setup program" "serial port parameter Settings" in the "use virtual serial port" selection, if not selected on this option, the connection management system can not establish a TCP connection. But if you do not use the virtual serial port, if directly based on the WINSOCKET program, this option must be removed, otherwise the data will appear garbled.

Troubleshooting 3: A TCP connection is established, but communication is not possible

This situation is generally reflected in the use of virtual serial port, more seen in the case of RS485 to TCP/IP, in normal circumstances,485 bus communication protocol is through polling to achieve the point to multipoint communication, if the host to the slave machine if there is no response in a specified time, then the host as the slave machine does not exist, because our default parameter The number is a certain delay, so the delay can be modified to solve this problem. That is, in Serial to ethernet converter "converter setting program" "serial port parameter setting" will be the network minimum send time and the network maximum send byte all set to 0,0 can basically solve the problem.

Serial to ethernet converter interface connection method of digital devices

serial to Ethernet converter Connects to the switch:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8(Orange white, orange, green white, blue, blue white, green, brown white, brown) Connect to the switch

2, 8, 4, 6, 3, 5, 1, 7(orange, brown, blue, green, green white, blue white, orange white, brown white) connect to Serial to ethernet converter

serial to Ethernet converter Connect Serial to Ethernet Converter to IOT Router:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8(Orange white, orange, green white, blue, blue white, green, brown white, brown) Connect Serial to ethernet converter

X, 4, X, 5, X, X, X, X, 3(X, LAN, X, blue white, X, X, x, green white) connect Serial to ethernet converter

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