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January 29, 2023 Principle and function of Modem

  What is Modem?

  The Chinese name of Modem is Data Terminal Unit. Modem is a kind of wireless terminal equipment specially used to convert serial data into IP data or convert IP data into serial data for transmission through wireless communication network. It is widely used in meteorology, hydrology, water conservancy, geology and other industries.

  Modem was originally a combination of the words modulator and demodulator, and its transmission form is the transmission of encoded digital information. At that time, the transmission was carried out in the frequency range of the standard telephone line, transmitted to another Modem through the telephone channel, and decoded at the receiving Modem.

  With the advent of wireless cellular networks, Modems later evolved into wireless. The earliest Modem was transmitted through the GPRS network, so it was called GPRS Modem. Around 1990, there were domestic manufacturers in R & D and production.

  With the continuous development of science and technology, there are 3G, 4G, NB-IOT networks, as well as 4G Modem and NB-IOT Modem. Subsequently, due to the maturity of short-distance communication technologies such as LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth, LoRa Modem, WiFi Modem and Bluetooth modules have also appeared.

  What is the role of Modem?

  Modem is mainly used for wireless data transmission. Through long-distance wireless data transmission, the object of transmission is equipment and data center or equipment.

  How Modem works

  Modem connects the terminal equipment through the interface to obtain data, and then transmits the data wirelessly through the operator network (2G/3G/4G) to the designated data center or equipment. At the same time, the reverse data center can also send data or instructions to the Modem through the operator network, and then the Modem sends them to the terminal equipment through the interface.

  Product type of Modem

  According to the classification of communication modes, Modem generally uses 4G and so on. Customers can choose the best communication mode according to their own application scenarios. Classified by interface type, Modem generally supports RS485, RS232, I/O and other interfaces. Customers can select the appropriate interface type according to the interface of their own front-end acquisition equipment. In addition, there is an embedded Modem, which is similar to the general Modem in function. The main difference is that it has no shell and is an embedded motherboard. Customers can integrate it into their own front-end acquisition equipment.

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