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May 24, 2023 Purchasing standards for industrial cellular router

  Industrial cellular router selection criteria are as follows:

  First, the cost performance of products. Value for money is the primary factor in choosing a 4G industrial cellular router.Performance is mainly based on their actual needs, such as working voltage, temperature, stability and coverage and other factors, the specific engineering environment corresponds to the corresponding indicators; In terms of price, the current price of Ruigu Industrial cellular router is comparable in terms of cost performance on the market. On the premise of meeting the functional requirements, the natural cost performance is better.

  Second, brand effect. The establishment of a big brand in the industry often has a deep historical accumulation and technological maturity, product quality, after-sales service will be greatly guaranteed, many small brands are full of a large number of "Shanzhai products".

  Third, workmanship and appearance. To a large extent, the appearance and workmanship of a product can reflect the attitude of a manufacturer towards the product, and the appearance of the product is also a reference standard. At present, most of the industrial wireless routers on the market are metal shells, the best is sheet metal shell, and the protection level can reach IP30. Prevent dust and other factors from interfering with data transmission signals.

  Fourth, when choosing the Industrial cellular router, be sure to consider the open standard protocols supported by the Industrial cellular router. A router with open standard protocols means a good prerequisite for equipment interconnection. The supported protocols mean that the design is flexible and efficient.

  Fifth, the most important factors in selecting Industrial cellular router are: port speed, protocol support capability, brand, multi-service capability (VOIP, ISDN, ADSL), port price, number of modules, etc.

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