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April 24, 2020 Serial Device Server Can not Connect to the Server As a Client

Serial Device Server Can not Connect to the Server As a Client

Reasons: Please check if multiple network cards or firewalls are turned on, which will cause this problem. When accessing the external network server, the gateway address of the serial device server is not set right, the general gateway address is the address of the router. When Telnet Timeout is set to 0, if the network is abnormally disconnected and the network does not send and receive data (the device serial port does not receive data), the device will not recognize the network’s dropout and reconnect. Only when the serial port receives new data, the device will  recognize the network’s dropout and reconnect. The customer's Oray domain name has not taken effect, you can try to connect this domain name, and see if the IP address can be correctly parsed. If not, please use the debugging assistant to do the test of TCP server to see if it can be connected

Hardware problem finding  The power adapter is not well supplied, or the plug is not in good contact. The power light is off and the network port light is not lit. Then there is no power supply or the hardware is broken.  Network cable or network port hardware problem. Check the status of the network port light. You can check the status of the network port. The green light should be always light and the yellow light should be blinking instead of always being on or off. Otherwise, it is a hardware problem. Password error  If you forget the password, you can restore the default configuration (Reload is pulled low, the device is powered on)

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