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May 25, 2022 Serial to Ethernet Converter:Devices for Serial-to-Network

Serial to Ethernet ConverterDevices for Serial-to-Network



  1. What is the Serial to Ethernet Converter?
  2. How does a Serial to Ethernet Converter work?
  3. The solution of Serial to Ethernet Converter.
  4. How to choose an Industrial 4G Router?


What is the Serial to Ethernet Converter?

The Serial to Ethernet Converter provides the serial port to network function, which can convert the RS232/485/422 serial port into a TCP/IP network interface, and realize two-way transparent data transmission between the RS232/485/422 serial port and the TCP/IP network interface. The Serial to Ethernet Converter can immediately have the function of TCP/IP network interface, connect the network for data communication, and greatly expand the communication distance of the serial device. Using a Serial to Ethernet Converter can make traditional devices networked, and is not controlled by the length of the physical cable to achieve long-distance data transmission.


How does a Serial to Ethernet Converter work?

The working method of the Serial to Ethernet Converter is to package the serial devices connected to both ends, and then package the serial data into the Ethernet data package. Data is to create a link between two network connected serial interfaces. Data is converted into TCP/IP packets sent over the network before signaling between devices. The process is reversed at the receiving end and the TCP/IP packets are converted back to serial signals. The use of packets allows your web application to stay alive without any configuration changes.


The solution of Serial to Ethernet Converter.

  1. Industrial Weighing Solutions

In the unattended industrial weighing site, the weighing management equipment can realize the transmission, management and monitoring of the weighing data through the serial port connection with the Serial to Ethernet. After the load cell and industrial control host computer of the weighing site are connected to the Serial to Ethernet Converter, a TCP connection is established through the serial port to Ethernet function provided by the latter to realize long-distance data transmission, and the data transmission speed is fast and the signal is stable, using a local area network. The computer can complete the data statistics management.The USR-N540 in traditional industrial scenarios can effectively solve the problem that workers need to monitor equipment on-site, save labor costs, and increase production efficiency and safety factors.

  1. Smart Transportation Solutions

One end of the Serial to Ethernet is connected to the terminal signal light or control cabinet through the RS232/485 serial port, and the other end is connected to the Ethernet through the network port, which converts the RS232/485 serial port into a TCP/IP network interface, and converts the packaged serial port data into the network through the IP channel. Data, upgrade the original traffic signals to TCP/IP signals, and easily realize remote control of the equipment.

  1. Remote monitoring solution for sewage treatment

The Serial to Ethernet is connected with the data acquisition equipment of the sewage treatment plant through the serial port, and the re-export data is converted into network data and transmitted to the PC side. It can realize the remote monitoring and management of the production and operation data of the sewage treatment plant, and bring convenience to the operation management personnel.

  1. Power system remote monitoring solution

In the centralized installation area of electricity meters used for meter data reading and power grid quality detection, through the serial port connection between the Serial to Ethernet Converter and the power monitoring equipment, the power monitoring personnel can remotely monitor the operation status of the power meter, and respond to abnormal electricity consumption in time. For example,USR-TCP232-410S communicates with the RS232/485 serial port of the electric fire alarm, and transmits the alarm information to the cloud platform quickly to remind the staff to eliminate the fire.


How to choose an Industrial 4G Router?

  1. Application environment

If you plan to use the Serial to Ethernet Converter in outdoor scenarios, the complex and even extreme working environment will bring great challenges to the normal operation of the Serial to Ethernet Converter. For example, smart transportation solutions are basically installed on highways or roads. Under extreme weather conditions such as temperature and humidity, the operating temperature and humidity range and hardware protection performance of the serial server should be considered.

  1. Product quality

Stability: Stability is the core factor of the quality of Serial to Ethernet Converter. In many industrial sites, the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, which will easily damage the equipment and cause economic losses. Therefore, a Serial to Ethernet Converter that supports wide voltage power supply, power supply anti-reverse connection, and electrostatic protection will be the best choice. For industrial application scenarios such as data acquisition, the stability of data transmission is very important, and data acquisition is not timely, data loss and other problems, so it is best to choose an optimized TCP/IP protocol stack when purchasing, the technology is mature, stable and reliable, and fast implementation Serial to Ethernet Converter for bidirectional transparent transmission of data.

Security: Communication security in data transmission involves privacy, confidentiality and other issues, and its importance is self-evident. A good network security system will greatly reduce security issues such as leaks during enterprise operations. Excellent Serial to Ethernet Converters usually use IoT communication gateways with communication encryption algorithms, double-layer watchdogs and other keep-alive mechanisms to achieve multiple protections.

Convenience: The configuration of the Serial to Ethernet Converter is difficult for non-professionals, because it is best to choose a product with convenient configuration. The current prominent Serial to Ethernet Converter can realize the protocol conversion inside the server. Users don’t need to care about the specific details, they can simply set through the internal web page of the server, or use the setting software to set, and the setting will be permanently saved.

  1. Interface selection

Usually the serial device port specifications of the serial port server are RS232/485/422. When purchasing, you only need to check the specific interface required by your project and select the serial device port to Ethernet converter with different serial port numbers.


Using the above three criteria can help you determine the serial server you really need. USR IOT's Ethernet converters with hardware watchdog, rugged metal casing, and industrial EMC protection ensure reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity when operating in harsh environments such as oil and gas and power automation.

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