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April 24, 2020 The Application Case of the Industrial 4G Router in Sewage Treatment

In order to realize remote centralized management of sewage treatment plant equipment, USRIOT has developed a remote monitoring solution based on 4G industrial routers and USR transparent clouds. The complete “cloud + terminal equipment” solution can realize real-time sewage treatment system internal communication and efficient remote factory monitoring.


Difficulties in sewage treatment testing. In the past, the staff of the environmental monitoring department randomly checked the sewage discharge of each factory. Due to the persistence of industrial production, it is impossible to have long-term supervision of specialized personnel. Therefore, in order to save costs, many companies only open sewage treatment equipment when the supervisor come to monitor. Now, through the Internet of Things technology, the environmental inspection department can remotely detect the sewage treatment system. As long as a specific sensor is installed in the system, the data is sent to the back-end server through the 4G wireless router. Do not set the value. When a factory discharges abnormally, it will promptly remind. This requires only a small number of staff to monitor the plant's emissions in the entire city, which greatly improves the efficiency of supervision and also reduces labor costs.

In addition, this system also helps to reduce the cost of sewage treatment:

Remotely monitor the operational status of on-site pumping stations, water pipe network and sewage treatment equipment

Conduct centralized operation management by quickly responding to pump stations and pipe network failures

Respond quickly to field failures and efficient maintenance

Provide one-stop process for with real-time status operations and maintenance personnel

The solution based on 4G industrial routers and USR transparent clouds

Equipment layer: The sewage treatment station uses PLC to automatically control and collect data, including COD, ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen ion concentration, flow, concentration, equipment operation, fault status, etc., USR's industrial 4G routers collect field data and upload it to the cloud to realize real-time collection and operation monitoring of PLC data.

Cloud layer: 4G sends data to transparent cloud through secure VPN tunnel. Authorized users can monitor operational status and receive fault alerts via the web interface and mobile app, enabling remote monitoring, management, commissioning and preventive maintenance wherever they are.


The advantages of 4G industrial router:

USR IOT’s equipment is very cost-effective, take G800 V2 as an example, it is an industrial 4G wireless router that uses a high-performance MIPS core and provides an ultra-large memory cache (FLASH-128Mbits, DDR2-1Gbits) with excellent performance. It also multiple wifi antennas and multiple 4G antennas, the signal is stable and covers a wide range. At the same time, industrial router USR-G800V2 provides RS232 serial port, 4G module interface, 10/100M Ethernet port, USB interface, easy to deal with various industrial scenario, easy to access to network.

Images of Industrial 4G Router IUSR-G800V2

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