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The application of the Industrial cellular router

  The application of 4G LTE Industrial cellular router

  IoT-based Solar Monitoring

  Nowadays, solar has been widely utilized as renewable clean energy, and a large number of distributed solar power plants have been built and gone into operation. It’s critical for monitoring and management such as real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, power prediction, active/reactive power control system, and daily maintenance such as part replacement or solar panel cleaning in the distribution system.

  Due to the solar power station in remote and distributed environments, the wired monitoring and management is obviously not realistic. Equipping with a G806 cellular router for each access point is the ideal solution to replace fiber or wired lines. The industrial cellular router provides stable, reliable, and real-time 4G/3G network between solar power station and data service center.

  Intelligent Parking

  When the vehicle leaves, the terminal sensing device will transmit the collected license plate number information to the control center through an Industrial cellular router, the server will calculate the parking time and payment amount, and transmit it to the site, the driver can pay by scanning the code.

  Wireless networking is optional for barriers, and WAN+4G networking is optional for indoors. The whole process network is fast, the remote management is convenient, optimizes the operation cost, makes the parking management more intelligent, creates a comfortable parking experience

  Smart Retail Terminal

  The industrial cellular router supports VPN encryption which ensures data security, is applicable to various self-service terminal scenarios such as ticket machines, community express cabinets, vending machines, etc., users are able to remotely manage equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

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