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February 3, 2023 The role of 5g LTE router in intelligent industry

The role of 5g LTE router in intelligent industry

1. Full Netcom 5G/4G network wireless connection, providing high-speed and stable wireless access function for equipment, high-gain antenna impedance design, stronger signal;

2. Rich interfaces, support 1wan, 4LAN, RS232 (RS485 optional), meet networking and field equipment access;

3. Support OPEN VPN tunnel and data encryption mechanism to ensure data security;

4. Support MQTT protocol, customized protocol and MODBUS TCP protocol;

5, support heartbeat link detection, to achieve automatic reconnection of disconnection, support equipment operation software and hardware self-test technology, to achieve operation fault self-repair;

6. Seamless docking of various PLC industrial networking applications, suitable for various remote monitoring, remote management, data acquisition and other applications, with the characteristics of low delay and high speed.

5g LTE router intelligent Internet of things communication application

1. Remote data acquisition and monitoring fields such as base station transceiver, ATM monitoring, power station monitoring and pump station monitoring;

2. Remote data acquisition and monitoring of solar power station and intelligent charging pile;

3. Collection of parameters such as water level, water pressure, flow rate and flow velocity;

4. Data acquisition of oil level, oil temperature and oil pressure;

5. Intelligent animal husbandry temperature and humidity data acquisition and monitoring;

6. Smart grid data transmission;

7. Industrial automation data transmission;

8. Data collection and monitoring of meteorological station information;

9. Smart agriculture, smart fire protection, smart city, smart building control and other places.


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