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What is the most important for remote monitoring of industrial devices?

Network security is the most critical.Using VPN is the most popular way.

OpenVPN is the pioneer of open source VPN and is loved by many engineers.

Most of the products from PUSR support OpenVPN

Today, we will share a remote monitoring system based on OpenVPN using PUSR's G806

Let's take a look at the actual testing .

(1)An outdoor camera is connected to G806 via Ethernet cable, and G806 is connected to the OpenVPN server via 4G LTE network.

(2)Connect the computer to the OpenVPN server, enter the IP address of the camera, and you can view the live video now

Very good, right? Let's take a look at how this was achieved!

One computer, one camera.Add a router that supports VPN.One VPN server.

Here comes the question, how can the router and computer connect with openVPN?

Firstly, we will configure the router.Enter the IP address of the router to access its web page.Click openVPN button, this router supports three clients and one server, the current state is not started, click Modify, click save, found that a configuration file is needed here

This file was generated by an OpenVPN server. If you don't have a server,you can log in to the OpenVPN official website,you need to register an account beforehand

Now, we can start creating the configuration file.

Click Networks ,Click Add Networks.Click on Remote Access and click on Continue.Enter the network name...

Select the server closest to you. Here I select Singapore and click Next

Select the router's system, in this case OpenWrt.Click to download the configuration file,Click Next and click No Test,Click Next.Enter the network segment of the router and click Create. This step is very important.Enter the router name, enter the network segment again, click Add.Click Next,Hit Finish.

Now, go back to the router webpage, upload the configuration file, click on save.Go back to the OpenVPN official website.

once the green light is on, our router will be online.It's that simple.

We will configure the computer.

The next step is to add a client on the computer side

Let's go back to the openVPN configuration screen.Click Hosts and Add Host.Enter a name, and the server address, and click Next.

The system here depends on itself, so I'm going to go with windows

Download the computer software for openVPN, which will be used later

Click Next and click No Test.

And then keep clicking next, and you're done

Click here to download a copy of the PC side configuration file for later use

Then we unzip the openVPN software to the computer, open it, drag our configuration file into the openVPN software, and click Start.

Go back to the OpenVPN official website, once the green light is on

We log in to the router, find the IP address dynamically assigned to the camera.

Now, we have finished the is online.

Now, let's test the results.

Put them in the garden

It's good beautiful !

With G806, you can also remotely monitor PLC using SCADA software or remotely debug using PLC programming software

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