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What if GPRS modem is unstable?

1.GPRS modem is in a bad environment. For example, in a hot data transmission project, modems are often placed in the basement along with other devices, at this moment, the signal will be greatly affected. Without GRPS signals, DPRS modem does not work. Therefore, it needs to solve. The solution: extend the antenna to a place that has a good signal (disadvantage: extending the antenna will attenuate the signal, extending 10 meters). Or, if possible, put the device chassis and modem together in a place that has a good signal (extend the serial data cable).

2. In remote areas such as mountainous areas, the signal is often weak. In such cases, a high gain antenna can be selected to enhance signal reception. Another premise of the idea is that when data transmission is not very frequent, you can consider using SMS to transmit data. (Short messages can also be sent when the signal is not good. There may be some lag. Special note: When you have an emergency, you can try to send a short message when you can't make a call.)


3. GPRS Modem parameter setting is not suitable. This case happen a lot. Often many technicians don't understand modem, and the parameter settings are unreasonable. There is a heartbeat packet in the modem to prevent T (and of course, it exists under the online detection). Operators have different detection times in different regions. We can set the heartbeat packet interval to be less than the detection time to avoid being dropped by T. There are some other parameters that can be assisted. Specific circumstances should be communicated with the manufacturer's technical staff.

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