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What is AT command and How to Use the AT Command?

What is AT command and How to Use the AT Command?


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1.What is the AT command?

AT command is used for controlling module. You can use AT command to configure and query the settings.


2.How to use the AT command?

For USR device is in transparent mode normally, you must enter AT command mode at first. Then you can send AT command to configure or query the settings. After you configure the USR device, you should restart the USR device to make the settings take effect. Every time module restart will work in work mode rather AT command mode. Every AT command must add character carriage return and line feed . In Hex, is 0x0D is 0x0A.


3.How to enter AT command mode?

Please read this FAQ about entering AT command mode.


3.AT command set

Command Function
E Query/Set AT command echo 
Z Restart the USR device
VER Query firmware version
ENTM Exit serial AT command mode and enter work mode
MAC Query MAC address
RELD Restore factory settings 
WANN  Query/Set WAN port parameters 
DNS Query/Set DNS address 
WEBU Query/Set settings web server username and password 
WEBPORT  Query/Set settings web server port number
SEARCH Query/Set search port and keyword in LAN
PLANG Query/Set default language of` web server
UART1 Query/Set serial port parameters
UARTTL1 Query/Set serial package time and length
SOCKA1 Query/Set socket A parameters
SOCKB1 Query/Set socket B parameters 
SOCKLKA1 Query socket A connection status
SOCKLKB1 Query socket B connection status
WEBSOCKPORT1 Query/Set serial port websocket port number
REGEN1 Query/Set serial port identity packet enable/disable
REGTCP1 Query/Set serial port Sending Method of identity packet
REGUSR1 Query/Set serial port User's identity packet data
REGCLOUD1 Query/Set serial port USR Cloud ID and password
HTPTP1 Query/Set serial port https method
HTPURL1 Query/Set serial port URL
HTPHEAD1 Query/Set serial port https header
HTPCHD1 Query/Set serial port filtering https header of response data enabled/ disabled
HEARTEN1 Query/Set serial port heartbeat packet enabled/disabled
HEARTTP1 Query/Set serial port type of heartbeat packet
HEARTDT1 Query/Set serial port user’s heartbeat packet data
HEARTTM1 Query/Set serial port heartbeat packet interval time




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