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April 24, 2020 What is the Serial Device Server?

Serial device server is also known as a serial port device server or port redirector.


Serial device server is a network device that transfers data between an Ethernet LAN and a serial port (COM port) of a computer or device. The main purpose of the serial device server is to allow serial devices such as printers, scanners or climate control systems to be used in the network without relying on the serial port of the computer. This allows any serial device to connect to the network and access it from anywhere, including from the Internet.

what is serial device server

Serial device server is basically a server that converts any serial device into an Ethernet-enabled device that can be used in a network. For example, an old-fashioned non-network printer that traditionally works only when connected to a COM port on a computer can be converted to a network printer and can be controlled from anywhere by connecting it to a serial server (the serial server is connected to the network via an Ethernet cable). This is achieved by creating a virtual serial port on the serial device server (the virtual serial port has the actual serial port connector hardware, only the interface is virtual), simulate the port of the PC, and convince the device to think that it is connected to a port. The serial device server assigns the necessary IP address and TCP port to the virtual serial port so that the device and user can communicate with the serial device connected to the server and route the communication to the correct serial device.


Serial device server can be a very simple device that does not provide any authentication and security, just connects a serial device to the network, or provides complex device with many functions similar to Ethernet switches and routers. Devices without security or authentication for data and access to serial devices are not a security issue, such as in a local office scenario involving a printer. In contrast, more complex serial servers with full encryption and multiple authentication are used for sensitive situations where security is important, for example, remote control critical systems, such as environmental control systems, factory control mechanisms, and other security-critical industrial applications.


According to different models, the serial device server can interface with simple printers, large screens, robotic assembly machines, medical devices, sensors that can only interface through the serial port.

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