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August 9, 2023 What is the difference between enterprise level routers and home level routers

What is the difference between an Enterprise Router and a Cellular Router? What is the difference between an Industrial Router and a Cellular Router? In fact, from the literal point of view, we can understand that the enterprise router must have the functional advantages that Cellular Router does not have.

Position respectively

Cellular Router is mainly used to realize the home gateway function for users to access the Wan, while Enterprise Router is mainly used to realize high-performance three-layer network packet forwarding and dynamic routing protocol learning.Generally speaking, Cellular Router basically only has the gateway function of accessing the Internet, while Enterprise Router can not only act as the gateway function of accessing the Internet, but also has other more powerful functions.

Difference between Industrial Router and Cellular Router

Performance respectively

Cellular Router is characterized by low density, low signal strength, small coverage, limited forwarding performance and limited number of carriers. If it is used in public places like enterprises, there will be serious worries about its use. Enterprise Router has higher hardware parameters such as processor, cache and memory, more NAT forwarding, and supports more users accessing the Internet at the same time.According to Uxin Unlimited Test, the average Cellular Router can connect 10-15 IP users, while the Enterprise Router can connect 50-150 IP users.

Routing protocols are different

Cellular Router generally supports the static routing protocol, which is preset by the network administrator according to the network configuration when the system is installed. After the network structure changes, the network administrator manually modifies the routing table. The Enterprise Router supports dynamic routing protocols that change as network operations change.The router automatically calculates the best path for data transmission according to the functions provided by the routing protocol, and obtains a dynamic routing table.

At the same time, Enterprise Router generally has multiple security services and more abundant routing protocols, such as SNMP, static router, policy router, unified management protocol, etc. Through these protocols, Enterprise Router can ensure the safe operation of the network and protect user data from being stolen.

Safety is different

Since Cellular Router supports few protocols, it generally does not support functions such as internal/external attack defense and prevention of intrusion by viruses, Trojans and hackers, and its security is not guaranteed. Enterprise Router has more routing protocols, such as SNMP, policy, unified management protocol, etc., which can ensure the safe operation of the network and prevent user data from being stolen.

The application environment is different

Cellular Router is suitable for simple network environment, while enterprise network environment is complex. Enterprise routers with more powerful performance are needed to meet the needs of more WAN interfaces, higher bandwidth and load balancing, elastic flow control, connection number limitation, VPN use, etc.

The application time is different.

Cellular Router will not be used for a long time, and routers will have a lot of time to "rest". However, when enterprises use routers, they even need routers to run 24 hours due to work needs, which puts forward higher requirements for the industrial planning of routing.

Planning is different

Compared with home routers, Enterprise Router is more professional and refined in planning, can support long-term use, and is more suitable for enterprise use environment.

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