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January 15, 2023 What is the function of serial to Ethernet

  What is serial to Ethernet? What does serial to Ethernet do? In this era of interconnection of all things, the mutual transmission and communication between data and data is particularly important. So how do you connect a computer to a traditional IoT device? At this point, the role of serial to Ethernet as a networking device is highlighted. Although the Internet of things has been developing for more than ten years, there are still new friends asking, what is serial to Ethernet? How to use serial to Ethernet?

  What is serial to Ethernet?

  Serial device networking server, serial to Ethernet for short.

  A serial to Ethernet is a networking device used to connect two or more serial devices over a network. It enables you to get rid of the limitations of physical cable lengths and connect serial devices via Ethernet wherever they are located in the world. By using the serial port connection method, the device can work as if it is in close proximity to the device without any intermediate device.

  The RS232/485/422 serial port device can be connected into the TCP/IP network to realize the bidirectional data transmission of the RS232/485/422 serial port and the TCP/IP network interface, and the transmission is transparent without any protocol change. According to the number of serial ports, it can be divided into single serial port, two serial ports, four serial ports, eight serial ports and sixteen serial port equipment networking servers.

  What does serial to Ethernet do?

  The serial to Ethernet allows traditional RS232/422/485 devices to be instantly networked. Serial device networking server is like a microcomputer with CPU, real-time operating system and TCP/IP protocol, which transmits data between serial port and network device. Use serial to Ethernet to access, manage, and configure remote devices from your computer over a network anywhere in the world.

  Electrical equipment with only serial interfaces, such as RTU, CNC machine tools, testers, etc., can be easily connected to Ethernet to achieve network management and remote control.

  Is serial to Ethernet a switch? No.

  The role of the switch is to expand the network signal equipment, which is the Ethernet switch equipment used in industrial control. It is open, widely used, and inexpensive because of the adoption of network standards. It uses the transparent and unified TCP/IP protocol. Network has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

  The main purpose of serial to Ethernet is to allow serial devices such as printers, scanners, or climate control systems to be used in a network without having to rely on a computer's serial port for connectivity. This allows any serial device to be connected to the network and accessed from anywhere, including the Internet.

  Device connection: First, connect the serial port of serial to Ethernet to the serial port of the device, connect the RJ45 interface of serial to Ethernet to the router (or directly connect to a PC), and then power on the serial to Ethernet.

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