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May 26, 2023 What is the transmission power of a cellular router

It is very common to use the operator network to realize home wifi Internet access. 4G Cellular Router is an important part of networking, and the topic knowledge of routers will always come into people's vision. At present, I will talk to you about the transmission power of cellular router.

"High-power router" seems to have become the standard advertising slogan in the router market overnight. It is very abnormal to say that you are selling routers without mentioning "high-power". As the saying goes, a foot is short, an inch is long, and the power of routers has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The direct advantage of high-power router is that the signal is strong, which can bring longer transmission distance. As far as the disadvantage is concerned, the greater the power, the greater the radiation, which is harmful to human body. On the contrary, the advantage of low-power router is that its radiation is small, which has less impact on human body and surrounding electrical appliances, and its disadvantage is that the signal and transmission distance will be much weaker. Therefore, when choosing a cellular router, you should make a very appropriate choice according to your actual needs.

The advantages and disadvantages of cellular router are mentioned above, and the following author will talk to you about the requirements of router power "fixed value".

In fact, according to the regulations of the WIFI Alliance, no matter what kind of cellular router, its standard transmission power should be less than 100mW, that is, 0.1 W, and the commercial one will be slightly higher. Many of the 800mW or even 1000mW routers on sale today are truly "high-power cellular router". ".

In addition to the well-known radiation problem, the state stipulates that the transmission power of the 4G industrial router of Zhilian Internet of Things has a deeper consideration-controlling power and protecting the common frequency band.

The state stipulates that the WiFi system with considerable transmission power can work effectively even if there is co-frequency interference and adjacent frequency interference, which is also the reason why users can facilitate the free networking of WiFi devices. If you use Zhilian 4G at homeThe cellular router has a good Internet experience, but the Internet access of the surrounding users will be disturbed.

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