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September 8, 2023 Why is PUSR so called 'No.1'

Recently, based on Frost Sullivan's research on China's industrial communication gateway market from 2016 to 2022,PUSR (Chinese brand is "Yourenwulian") has been recognized as "Industrial  IoT  Gateways  Ranked  First  in China by Online  Sales  for Seven Consecutive Years".

What kind of business is PUSR?

PUSR is a leading and trusted smart Internet of Things enterprise dedicated to enhancing social capabilities.And help global customers move towards the era of digital networking.Our top priority is to provide connected value to our global customers in a secure, reliable and efficient manner.

PUSR, founded in 2010, is an enterprise specializing in industrial IoT Gateway and integrated hardware and software solutions.It devotes itself to the exploration of intellectualization, automation, digitalization and other fields to promote the development of industry 4.0.At present, PUSR's business industrial gateway equipment and modules, PUSR Cloud platform, packaged to provide the overall solution of cloud, tube, edge and end.It has carried out three rounds of financing of nearly 200 million yuan, and has a wide market share and user base at home and abroad.It is one of the leading enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Starting from e-commerce, the pioneer of "industrial gateway products" online

In the early years of China's e-commerce track, PUSR seized online e-commerce channels earlier.As an industrial enterprise in the direction of To B, it is a brand rarely seen on the online platform of e-commerce.Mr. Guxin, CEO of PUSR, has laid a solid foundation for future development with his far-sighted perspective.He has also experienced many Rapids and turns in the middle, but each time he has worked hard in adversity and under pressure to cross the lakes, seas, mountains and rivers.Flowing to the sea. Finally, it has gradually become an ecological enterprise for the development of global industrial networking.

Main business of PUSR

The main business of PUSR is, among which "industrial gateway products" is the key development direction of the enterprise.PUSR's IoT devices include Serial to Ethernet Converter, Industrial Router, Lte Modem, Lora Modem, PLC Gateway, Network IOController has a complete range of products, a wide range of applications, high cost performance and high reliability, so it is favored by consumers.This is also the historical verification that PUSR can obtain industrial gateway products and sell first in the whole network.

Strength of self-built factory

PUSR has invested tens of millions of yuan and has two self-built factories with a total area of 1.2 W square meters and a daily production capacity of more than 10 million patches.It integrates advanced enterprise experience and scientific lean management.Have a high standard SMT production line, DIP production line, three anti-coating production line, functional testing line, finished product assembly line and a complete set of electronic plusProcess flow, fully automatic printing machine, to ensure high-speed, high-precision, high-quality printing.11 medium and high speed SMT production lines, strong manufacturing capacity, is the guarantee of reliable production capacity.


(Factory Foreign Trade Video)

Product quality and certification

PUSR forms the whole quality management chain from supplier management to process quality management to customer management, which is interlinked.Guarantee the quality of products and services from the system.

A serious attitude towards work

"When most people are fooling, someone needs to come out and do things seriously," said CEO Guxin, who was influenced by university laboratory teachers.At the beginning of its establishment, some people took earnest work as the concept of corporate culture. Grasp the test standard for each product and verify it repeatedly;Be responsible for every customer to the end and go all out. Doing things conscientiously is the value identity of every "someone" striver.

Recognition from 150,000 + global customers

Digital transformation has become a "compulsory course" for more and more enterprises.If large enterprises are the leaders in the industry's digital transformation market, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the digital pyramid.But at the same time, it is also the focus and difficulty of industrial digital transformation.The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are still in the initial stage of digital transformation, and the road of digital transformation is long.

In this period of "long and difficult" years, PUSR will be your reliable and wise partner.Jointly move towards the digital age with "networking" as the core.

PUSR's IoT devices are mainly used in various industrial and commercial Internet of Things projects.Such as self-service terminals, industrial control, intelligent robots, video surveillance, smart agriculture, smart cities, elevator networking and so on.At present, it has served more than 150000 customers and sold tens of millions of pieces. Products that have been verified by the market are indeed a good choice.


(Customer case video)

In order to better meet the changing needs of the market and customers and promote the continuous development of the industry, PUSR has always insisted on innovation.Create built-in SIM card products, warmly welcome international visits and other personalized services;Relying on its strong R & D strength, it has innovatively launched products such as "lipstick DTU" and "building block gateway".The latest explosive product M300 also realizes graphical programming function to meet the control needs of various scenarios.PUSR believes that true innovation can lead to true progress and make the brand invincible.


(M300 Foreign Trade Video)


With the vision of becoming an "ecological enterprise in the field of industrial Internet of Things", PUSR has a simple, easy-to-use and reasonably priced business philosophy.Promote the mission of "connecting value and connecting value".We will continue to promote excellent technology and R & D capabilities, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.Win the trust of a wider market and users.

In the future, PUSR will continue to expand its layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing and vigorously promote the application and innovation of artificial intelligence technology.It is believed that PUSR will become a pioneer in the field of intelligent manufacturing and inject new impetus into the development of intelligent manufacturing.

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