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May 4, 2023 Why is "building block edge computing gateway M100" a complex

With the diversified development of Internet of Things scenarios, the amount of data collection is increasing, and the demand for data collection is increasing in the application of network transmission. In order to adapt to market changes and explore the development of Internet of Things technology, PUSR launched the building block edge gateway USR-M100.M100 is a comprehensive and scalable data transmission gateway, which integrates the functions of Ethernet, 4G, transparent transmission, network IO, edge computing, MQTT and cloud platform fast access.

The M100 is positioned as a lightweight edge computing gateway:

Functionally: 1 M100 ≥ serial to Ethernet device server + 4G LTE modem + network IO controller

From the price point of view: 1 M100 ≈ serial to Ethernet device server ≈ 4G LTE modem ≈ network IO controller

M100 adopts the combination of "host" and "expansion". Modular design, simple sliding link mode and rich hardware interfaces allow users to efficiently splice and expand according to their needs, which can not only save costs, but also facilitate access to the current application environment.

M100 is rich in functions: edge computing, network IO, linkage control, and transparent data transmission to the cloud are all necessary conditions, among which the killer is the "edge computing" function. Just like Xiao Feng's Eighteen Palms of Subduing the Dragon and Duan Yu's Six Pulse Sword, one move to defeat the enemy is enough to be famous all over the world. It takes time and effort to retreat the enemy without 18 kinds of weapon drills.

M100 supports multiple slave machines and 128 data point collection. It can perform "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" on the collected data. It supports three reporting modes of cycle, change and timing. It can convert the data into custom Json and can be used without complex changes.

The M100 can be simply understood as a combination of a high-performance 4G LTE modem and a network IO controller. Only one M100 is needed to integrate the functions of the 4G LTE modem and the network IO controller, and the price is only the price of a 4G LTE Modem or a network IO controller. Any scenario requiring data transmission + simple control is suitable for equipping with an M100 device.For example, industrial control, agricultural greenhouses, environmental monitoring, mall indoor control and other application scenarios are particularly applicable.

One M100 = serial to Ethernet device server + 4G LTE modem + network IO controller. The M100 is a hexagonal warrior of the gateway world.

Will you encounter this scenario in the application scenario of the Internet of Things?

I need to collect the data of a sensor through the serial port, and according to the sensor data, link the relay on and off, so as to control the start and stop of the local equipment. Not only can I directly control the operation of the equipment remotely through the cloud, but also I need to connect one or two buttons to achieve local control.Yes, this is a typical scenario of data acquisition and linkage control. How did you solve it before?

Scheme 1: Make a small PLC, write a program, draw a configuration;

Uh It seems to be good, but the cost is a little high and the difficulty is a little big.

Plan 2: Buy a PUSR 4G LTE modem, buy a serial IO board, and cooperate with the human cloud configuration. Mmm.. It's great. It seems a little expensive to buy two devices and arrange the connection.

Is there a better plan? The answer is: meet your multi-scenario, complex requirements with PUSR's first building-block edge gateway, the M100.

In addition to the 2-way serial port, the M100 edge gateway is also equipped with 2-way DI, 2-way DO and 2-way AI, which can realize the acquisition or control requirements of various data at the lower end. If the IO is not satisfied, it can be flexibly combined through the expansion machine in the future.

The M100 edge computing gateway supports 4G and Ethernet communication, can communicate with the cloud through MQTT, TCP, UDP, HTTP and other protocols, supports SSL encryption, and provides fast access to PUSR Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS and other cloud platforms.

The trump card of M100 is edge computing and linkage control function. M100 supports multiple slave computers to collect up to 128 data points. It can perform "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" operation on the collected data, judge whether to report or not according to the conditions, and realize local IO linkage control by adding events.

Back to the original question, how to solve the problem with M100?

1. Purchase one M100 edge gateway of PUSR;

2. Connect the serial port of M100 to the sensor, connect the power on and off of the equipment to DO, and connect the key switch to DI input;

3. Power on (built-in flow card, power on is connected to the network), log in the built-in webpage, configure the collection rules and local linkage rules;

4. Log in to the manned cloud online configuration, drag the component, and select the data point to view and control. Isn't it very simple and economical? Another scene is not very familiar, perhaps agricultural greenhouse control, perhaps environmental monitoring, perhaps more scenes.

M100 is so powerful, a m100 = serial to Ethernet device server + 4G LTE modem + network IO controller, m100 is a hexagonal warrior of the gateway world.

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