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Application of Cellular Modem and 4G Module in Health Condition Detection

Application of Cellular Modem and 4G Module in Health Condition Detection


Provide the better ability to monitoring patient

As the world's population grows and healthcare costs continue to soar, more and more individuals and organizations in the healthcare industry are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve patient care. Hospitals, healthcare professionals and device manufacturers are harnessing the power of the Internet of things (IoT) to improve patient safety and provide a better customer experience through remote health monitoring.


Change the way you provide health care

IOT helps healthcare providers provide new services and solutions through remote health monitoring. Not to mention, real-time data collection can help improve the operational efficiency of the entire healthcare industry organization:

Health care providers can read the real-time patient data through cellular modem frequently, which can help them to acquire the health status of patients and allowing them to provide support and treatment timely.

Doctors can discharge some patients home to continue treatment, while medical staff can continue to monitor the patient's condition through wearable devices embedded with 4G modules, thus to providing services to more patients remotely.

Health care companies are expanding their home services by providing new independent living solutions for the elderly and disabled through remote monitoring.


Improve the life of patients

Telemedicine system is changing the way patients receive healthcare. The ability of healthcare providers to track vital signs and other health indicators in real time can help hospital reduce costs.

Healthcare provider can make treatment quickly according to the real data, also patient can receive treatment at home with low cost.

With IOT solution hospital and other healthcare providers can provide 24-hour health nursing. USRIOT provide IOT solution to healthcare to make you connect patient easily, so as to improve the service and reduce the costs. 

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