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April 23, 2020 Application of Cellular Router in Remote Control of CNC Machine Tools


Modern machining has achieved leapfrog development in terms of processing complexity, precision, machine size and automation. CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools play a key role in improving the quality and efficiency of processing.

CNC machines are often costly, and any damaged component, productivity reduction or production stoppage can cause significant losses. To ensure proper operation and preventive maintenance of CNC machines sold to various manufacturing factories, machine tool manufactures require remote monitoring and maintenance solutions for distributed CNC machine tools.



Machine tool manufactures require remote monitoring solutions to ensure proper operation and preventive maintenance of CNC machines sold to various manufacturing factories.


System requirements:

●Networking devices should support 4G network so as to provide fast network access for machines, regardless of whether their location has Ethernet connection or not.

●Firewall protection to protect network security

●High reliability, automatic recovery of failure and disconnection, reliable all-weather communication

● Industrial grade, can withstand strong electromagnetic interference from industrial sites and other challenging conditions

Range of working temperature: -25~ + 70 °C


The remote monitoring system uses a 4G LTE industrial cellular router to connect the NC machine tools distributed in various industrial sites to the cloud platform, collect and analyze the running state of the machine, the wear degree of vulnerable parts and the data of the electronic control system.



Cellular router performs data acquisition, data monitoring, data filtering, data cleaning, data security protection, data storage, data submission and logical processing at the front end, thus reducing the communication bandwidth required between the two and optimizing the cloud computing system at the industrial site and the central monitoring center.



The cellular router USR-G808 provides reliable, low-latency communication between CNC machine tools and cloud centers. Dual SIM cards allow transmission link redundancy, multi-layer link detection and recovery, and protection for uninterrupted communication. Engineers can monitor the real-time operation of machines, shorten fault response times, and plan preventive maintenance, significantly saving manpower and costs.



Why to choose cellular router USR-G808?

Dual-link backup: Support link backup, VRRP implements link redundancy; it can automatically switch to the backup link when the primary link fails;

● Dual sim card: Support backup between different operator networks to ensure continuous communication;

●Real-time alarm, send industrial field alarms to cloud monitoring centers and maintenance engineers through customer-defined methods;

●Full industrial grade, provide reliable, secure and stable data transmission links for unattended sites.

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