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April 23, 2020 Application of Industrial 4G Router in Weather Monitoring

Fire Safety needs to acquire accurate and real-time weather information. Weather information can affect the efficiency of rescue activities. Many remote areas can only use air rescues, such as tourist search and rescue.


To solve such questions, a customer of USRIOT has developed a small weather station which based USRIOT’s 4G cellular router. They installed cellular routers in the remote mountain to provide weather information for air rescue operations.


Those weather stations are equipped with USRIOT’s industrial 4G routers, which use cellular networks and can operate in extreme conditions, such as low and high temperatures.


USRIOT’s cellular router can provide a continuous and stable 4G wireless network for high-precision cameras, hygrometers, temperature detectors, lighting measurement tools, sensors, and other electronic devices.


For example, USRIOT’s USR-g806 can realize high-speed access to network, allowing seamless switching between different operators. The wireless communication provided by USRIOT is continuously online, and is resistant to high and low temperature, surge and static, so as to meet the needs of outdoor industrial scenes. USR-G806 provides VPN Client, VPN virtual private network, supporting PPTP, L2TP security protocol transmission; The internal network has unlimited extension, which makes it convenient for remote users to access the enterprise internal network quickly.


Data captured by the industrial 4G cellular router can be sent to the back-end server through the powerful mobile broadband router of the mobile network, and the rescue team can access the server data through the front end, or send it directly to the air rescue team. This provides rescue teams with real-time weather conditions that allow them to anticipate potential problems and prepare ahead of time to improve rescue success rates.

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