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April 26, 2020 Aquatic products Internet of Things has really come, farmers are you ready?

Today, many businesses performed on aquatic farming are the intelligent way to explore, fish ponds into which the sensor, you can record the temperature of the water, pH, dissolved oxygen, farmers Dodo phone, you can remotely control the feeding of fish ponds and increased oxygen machine. Now menacing aquatic smart Internet of Things really come ……

The concept of intelligent Internet of Things is not just production, but from production to management, from the pond to the table, the whole industry chain of big data. The so-called intelligent Internet of Things together, that is, the entire production process data acquisition, through photographs, videos, from production to the table all the data records. Apart from this, but also collection and farming-related, such as weather, water, and other market data. These data will form the basis of intelligence was linked. Like many other emerging intelligent farming industry, as in the case of the initial development of technology, the industry will need a nurturing and maturing process.

Internet of Things of information technology is radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing device, according to the agreed protocol, to any article connected to the Internet, information exchange and communication, in order to achieve the objects of the intelligent identification, location tracking, a computer network technology to monitor and manage. With the recent relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture issued a “technological transformation of agriculture through Internet of Things, to enhance various aspects of intelligence, contributing to the environment can be measured, controlled the production, quality and traceability,” the information point of view, the future of agriculture in the town the process of modernization, innovation and Internet of Things technology will become the representative voice of the aquaculture industry.

Intelligent Internet of Things system is mainly used for the liberation of labor, so that aquaculture become “tangible”: automatic timing quantitative feeding point, 24-hour real-time detection of water quality, the infrared cameras recording 24 hours submerged culture conditions, to the foot farmers to “security.” Internet of Things system to achieve human-computer interaction, so that farmers’ homes to engage in farming “, one stroke off Aquaculture” camped “,” hard tired “old hat: When the monitored physical and chemical indicators reached a dangerous level, the system will automatically start sound and light alarm system and send SMS to the manager; At the same time, the central control software will start alarm, farmers can check the water quality parameters and operating conditions of various devices through mobile phones, computer networks, by remote control oxygen machine, feeding machines, pumps and other equipment to start or stop. Moreover, in order to monitor the dissolved oxygen in water, for example, Internet of Things can be integrated automatically recorded, stored on-site monitoring of the dissolved oxygen data, and permanently saved, user-friendly query and analyze the season, time, weather, temperature and other factors Effect of dissolved oxygen, the user can measure the dissolved oxygen in water, precise control of the amount of bait, bait to improve the conversion rate.

Intelligent breeding process various technical aspects of how convergence? Formation of farmers guiding system. How to interact with the production and management of data? How to break through the technical bottleneck in the formation of a complete set covers the production, supply and marketing business model? Further to a separate equipment, products, database integration, it will become true for farmers to bring gold silver “system solutions.” In the market or the initial cultivation stage, farmers need to change their thinking, actively to accept this new thing; the government needs to provide policy support and guidance, and actively to promote this new trend; industry enterprises and experts need more practice and development, actively to explore and popularize this new model, under the joint efforts of multiple forces that we can be truly successful upgrade from country to become aquatic aquatic power.

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