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April 26, 2020 The arrival of the era of wisdom Logistics

At present, the scale of China’s logistics has been ranked first in the world, particularly in the electricity supplier bonded courier view, regardless of the number of packages delivery, cost and price have been accounted for first in the world. According to related statistics, in 2015 China’s total social logistics up to 220 trillion yuan, 30 million truck drivers, with 14.5 million vehicles, the number of employees of Ba Jiuqian million people, China has become the world’s first truly big country logistics. By 2015 the number of companies engaged in logistics activities of legal entities over 300,000, the total number of employees in logistics jobs to absorb more than 30 million people, is one of the fastest growing industries of all entities in the industry.

But the status quo of China’s logistics is still relatively backward and traditional. At the recent First China Forum on Japanese logistics brand of wisdom, para ho rookie general manager of network investment in transport, for example, Chinese transport companies, vehicle very much, but ran in highways, urban load distribution rate is very high, reaching 40 %.

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Association, president of the China Society of Logistics ROCKETS also said that operation of the main logistics market is small and scattered, operational aspects are many and complex, extensive business model also accounts for a large proportion, rapid expansion of logistics infrastructure facilities faster, but the line between the node overall performance has yet to be realized. Information logistics operations, standardization, intelligence is not high, lack of innovation and development momentum.

“In the past said to reduce logistics costs is to reduce the benefits of logistics enterprises, this view is wrong.” NDRC Institute for Comprehensive Transportation Ming Wang believes that companies from the manufacturing side, from the end logistics services to reduce the force to operate the three-terminal cost body, reduce overall operating costs need to end up good convergence, the convergence of information technology, information technology is an important support core wisdom of logistics.

Currently, the age of wisdom logistics has come, then what is the real wisdom of the logistics of it? Wang Ming believes that ultimately rests with the wisdom of logistics information technology, supply chain, technical support, or the so-called wisdom is only a pseudo-wisdom, false wisdom .

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Haier Group, the rotating president Zhou Yunjie said that when the traditional logistics development to a certain size, you need to study the efficiency and cost, logistics only as a means of transport, there is no value.

“For the logistics is concerned, we hope that Haier is a platform that includes resource platform, namely product platform of logistics services, including sourcing platform and solution platform, etc. The supply chain management, customization needs, common needs combine to form a stream of wisdom ecology. Here are the logistics network, marketing network and service network do support, to build a large logistics service across the board for the ecology. “Zhou Yunjie said.

Segment Hao believes that the use of big data play a greater role and value of trade flows is a fundamental means to promote the wisdom of logistics. Including how to improve load the same rate in the case of trains, cars and other transportation vehicles, reducing the flow of vehicle highway invalid.

In novice, for example, para-ho said, the current electronic face rookie single accounted for all electricity supplier logistics package 70%, divided by a single intelligent system, intelligent sorting facilities as well as an automated alternative, efficiency 80% -90%. Using electronic and intelligent routing sub-surface single single system, making real intelligent distribution centers, replacing manual operation. 2015, as they spent seven days while supplies 240 million package, while in 2014 the figure was 16 days.

Haier day Shun as an example, in 2015 a single amount Goodaymart growth rate of 78% in 2014 breakage rate of 0.6% in 2015 to reach 0.5%. 2014 – 2015 Integration installed subscriber growth of 121%.

For the future direction of logistics enterprises, Dong Xu, general manager of consultant Analysys think tank analysis group believes that logistics is not only to solve storage and transportation, distribution user installation problems. Whether it is down to the extension of sale, or up to extend supply chain and industry chain, logistics companies will have a very large space for cooperation and downstream industrial chain, which by the layout of the data network, capable of serving the entire retail chain.

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