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April 26, 2020 Best choice for embedded wifi modules -USR C32

Embedded wifi module is needed is a complete modular product simple and easy to use, which, RF and embedded software Firmware stability and consistency is a necessary condition for high-end products. In recent years, with the rapid development of the networking industry, embedded wifi modules competition increasingly fierce. So, for pioneering applications of things in terms of how to choose high-quality embedded wifi modules, how to choose the right supplier partners do?

Embedded wifi module

Wifi module and Supplier Development Overview

First, the embedded wifi modules involves a lot of drivers, protocols, algorithms, applications and other issues; link up is not easy, stability is more difficult to do. Leading semiconductor company launched wifi chip solution based on the company’s own, with its own SDK, available to the global embedded field engineers to develop use. Developers will need to demonstrate Wi-Fi function, start a DEMO is simple, but the real mass production, then the product is rarely the case, and the reason soon Wi- Fi embedded software to achieve stable and reliable is a very difficult and challenging things, is the need to have experienced engineers constantly accumulated research and development and continuous optimization.

Secondly, 2.4G RF hardware design, processing, testing, certification, conformity of production with a certain difficulty. 2.4G RF radio frequency, you need a wifi module every rigorous testing and fine-tuning the production process and testing facilities are the most basic protection, the production line and testing equipment investment will be up to several million, such a huge financial and technical inputs turn The company is generally very high threshold.

In addition, because relatively limited MCU resources, software optimization demand is very prominent. General framework for a wifi module embedded MCU plus a RF radio chip inside MCU generally run the protocol stack, for the 32-bit MCU with limited resources, highly integrated software and top optimization is essential.

Also, because of differences in the larger industrial applications, product features in turn determines function embedded wifi module, the maximum degree of localization support manufacturers in turn is a test standard service. Meanwhile, the application of industry experience, manufacturers several years of accumulated technology and experience can maximize service to end customers. Some special products such as the application requires a custom low power requirements.

iot wifi module

How to choose quality suppliers?

Based on the above situation and the difficulty, choose a good embedded wifi module supplier for an equipment manufacturer is vital, measurable criteria than the embedded software, RF and reliable hardware stability, mass production of the case.

Some technology C32 series is designed for the medical equipment, industrial applications, embedded systems and wireless LAN networking applications and the design of a small size, high-performance features such as 802.11b / g / n, wireless module. The module uses TI chip, Atmel’s MCU, 1M memory and SDK development kit for users to develop networking products bring great convenience. The module provides IEEE802.11 protocol stack (b / g / n), 802.1X protocol stack, TCP / IP network protocol, and UART / SPI / USB / AD / DA and other types of interfaces.

C32 series modular design standard range of properties based security, will provide high quality and meet international standards for a simple, low cost, reliable wireless networking products have design clients.

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