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April 26, 2020 Beware! WiFi module or a smart home security risks

First described here WiFi module called WiFi and daily life are not equal, we do not want to demonize common WiFi, but would like to make a number of so-called “WiFi module will implant the traditional home appliances and other equipment to upgrade to the smart home “may pose a security problem.

Double Serial Three Links-WiFi module or a smart home security risks

As smart phones become obsolete after the feature phones, like the rise of smart home is also the traditional household appliances, including household appliances, door locks, lighting has become extremely unfashionable, traditional equipment pushed to the edge of a cliff, the relevant manufacturers have seek to change, in order to achieve intelligent upgrade. And in such form, many people will be WiFi module as an important law code of traditional equipment upgrades.

WiFi module belonging to the transport layer networking, built-in wireless networking protocol protocol stack and TCP / IP protocol stack, can be serial or TTL level to meet the WiFi wireless network communication standard embedded modules. Traditional hardware device embedded WiFi module can be directly connected to the Internet use of WiFi is to achieve an important part of wireless smart home, M2M and other networking applications.

wifi to serial module-WiFi module or a smart home security risks

In short, the conventional device implanted embedded WiFi module allows the device has Internet connectivity functions, and in line with the basic function of intelligent home now – with a mobile phone App manipulation. The use of WiFi module Another benefit is that you can seamlessly with the Internet, without intermediate bridging equipment, and easy compatibility with other devices. However, the current smart home features that should be presented and the state, the implant WiFi conventional equipment difficult to be called the true sense of the smart home.

“Appliances With WiFi module only has the ability to be networked, and then connected to the Internet can be remotely controlled, but still far from smart, intelligent product interoperability is the basis of cross-brand cross-category, on this basis, also integrate deep learning, semantic understanding, image recognition and other technologies in order to be counted on the basis of intelligence. “, industry analysts said.

Regardless of “traditional equipment + WiFi Module” and intelligent devices far worse, for the time being that the “traditional equipment + WiFi module smart devices” is set up, but this does not cover safety issues which may have caused.

In the “WiFi module implanted appliances and other equipment to upgrade the traditional smart home” this event, actually relates to the WiFi module providers, equipment manufacturers and end users of traditional constituents, but the basic problem is not real security for WiFi module providers have the negative impact, the real danger is the latter two.


Let me talk about the end user. First, we should understand that the WiFi module upgrade from the smart home device is WiFi-based communications, so WiFi communication protocol largely determine the safety of safety-related equipment, and WiFi security has been in the field of intelligent home and less reliable. Indeed, WiFi is recognized almost communication standards in recent years to deal with the most vulnerable, Belkin, Nest, a smart meter has cracked cameras are more or less relevant.

Have to say, home intelligent device is compromised not small loss than computer poisoning. In fact, once our smart home by hackers to crack, probably faced with two losses: one ranging from physical damage, hardware was sabotage, may not continue to work, or to continue does not work; the second is more serious intangible losses the family was secretly steal data, on the surface of our equipment is running, but unconsciously we in a row at home in one fell swoop has been in the eyes of others, even our family habits have been known too much.

Again for traditional vendors. Without doing any in-depth understanding of the situation, said the WiFi module might adversely traditional vendors seem a bit alarmist, but the fact that this possibility does exist, and the possibility of completely beyond our imagination. Because in the process of upgrading the smart home devices tradition devices, WiFi module may be easily overlooked a “Trojan horse.”

In fact, the relationship between the WiFi module providers, equipment manufacturers and end users of tradition, there may interpret two different interests.

An understanding of traditional equipment manufacturers a profit, this is relatively easy to understand. WiFi module providers will offer WiFi module to the traditional equipment manufacturers, the traditional equipment was intelligent upgrade, the added value has been improved. However, due to lower prices WiFi, understand the benefits have been identified for the benefit of the traditional vendors, the whole process is equivalent to the “traditional equipment by WiFi module ‘heart’ into the user’s home.”

With traditional equipment manufacturers profit relative there is another understanding: WiFi module provider profit. It stands to reason, although the WiFi module prices 1 yuan, 9.9 yuan, 18 yuan, 22 yuan and other range, but want to rely on WiFi module from the traditional equipment vendor does not fly a lot of money, then the WiFi module provider and where profit Speaking of it? It would also return to the WiFi module and smart home itself.

Under normal circumstances, the smart home is a complete system including the control center, device nodes, software applications and communication technologies, including the actual user of the remote control device and with factory management background characteristics of data. In conventional devices implanted after WiFi module, the module-based smart devices also can be carried out background monitoring and management, in other words, WiFi module provider is also able to sell out by the traditional vendors rise of the level of equipment management background.

Manage seem to be able to explain what the problem can not, after all, most BI vendors have this capability, but taking into account the actual relationship WiFi module provider and the traditional vendors, it is baffling.

As mentioned earlier, when the conventional device manufacturers a profit, the whole process is equivalent to the “traditional equipment by WiFi module ‘heart’ into the user’s home”, and WiFi module providers benefit from this? Clearly, “WiFi module by means of conventional equipment ‘ Shell ‘into the user’s home. ” However, this is, in essence, there was another issue almost never considered in the traditional industries: the implanted device WiFi module into the user’s home will be.

It does not consider the issue of traditional industries manufacturers still do not consider the basic equipment upgrades after the tradition, because they actually just sold to smart devices ‘shell’, WiFi module provider from the acquisition module sold continues to follow the traditional value outside vendors. This value Cunhu two aspects: First, to obtain hardware service (monitoring, upgrades, etc.) right; the second is to get the user data in the service process. Over time, there is a possibility of traditional manufacturers of traditional hardware out of control.

So the traditional equipment vendors, seemingly due to traditional equipment WiFi module and upgraded to a very, in fact there may be WiFi module “control”, in the form similar to the “Trojan horse”, there is a subversive destruction. So if you so “cherish life, away from the module” mean? Though not far, but the traditional free WiFi module manufacturers still remain cautious.

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