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April 26, 2020 Big data as a welcome support to accelerate the development of smart logistics

With the electricity supplier sales data constantly refreshed, hand chop party excitement also worried whether the items purchased as soon as possible, accurate delivery.

This year, hidden in the back of Ali, Jingdong electricity supplier platform for smart logistics systems toward the stage. Ali’s rookie of the ET network established within the laboratory, the robot has completed about the end of the distribution, research and development in the warehouse picking robots and other projects, and will be put into use this year; Jingdong internal logistics system called Dragon, with big data and intelligent devices for warehousing, distribution efficiency including enhance the customer experience.

Logistics wisdom to the stage

June 13 message on the network to host the 2016 rookie of global intelligence logistics summit, unveiled part of the logistics robot. It is understood that the rookie is located in Tianjin, Guangzhou warehouse realized portion of the robot, where the Tianjin warehouse storage and handling using an intelligent robot named “Cao Cao” in. “Cao Cao” is a can load 50 kg, speeds of up to 2 m / s intelligent robots. After receiving the order, it can quickly locate the position of the distribution of goods in the warehouse, and picking the optimal path planning, finished goods will automatically pick up after the goods to packaging units.

In addition, another rookie logistics robot is currently being studied is a robot lifts itself has a certain degree of sensitivity and intelligence, running in a matrix environment at work, you can also manipulate a variety of co-operation with robots in the warehouse.

According to Tong Wen-hong said the rookie CEO at the meeting, the distribution end of the robot, the robot picking in the warehouse complex matrix, unmanned aircraft and other merchandise delivery logistics robot is expected to put into use during the year.

Self-built logistics Jingdong will also intelligently as a major selling point, before the June 18 anniversary, Jingdong Group research organization Guan intelligent logistics center. The automated sorting machine sorting Center was put into use in November last year, the sorter main body by a “member for Taiwan”, chutes and the “car” constitution.

“For member stations,” the operator according to the operation process will run on all the small pieces of orders sent to “car” on the belt, the belt over the fast advancing, gantry crane general sorter assembly infrared automatic scanning systems, is on the “car” on bearing surface corresponding to order single barcode scanning and accurate order will automatically fall into the mouth of the corresponding cell sites, each of the sets of cells beneath the mouth placing orders for merchandise bags, when the bag which contained the product is almost full when the yellow LED area grid mouth will flash, reminding workers packet exchange packet; when changing bag, printer sorter will automatically play box number, bags filled with goods orders will be dedicated Seals tied up, then sent a cargo box number close to the Seals, and finally the bag on the conveyor line. Subsequently, the staff will be based on the destination box number bag flows into each slide order staging area, waiting for loading.

In Guan Park “equipped with the most advanced automation equipment” 3C-A warehouse with attic shelves, automatic transmission and automatic sorting line upgrade transmission equipment, and other advanced automation equipment. After a handheld PDA device order pickers receive instructions, follow the prompts on the device, with the most accurate route optimization system provides complete picking. Pickers will transport cargo on automatic sorting line, a conveyor belt to transfer the goods to the packing area for review. After review, the machine automatically prints out information and invoices, staff complete logistics package. Packaged shipments are transferred to the corresponding conveyor aisle. For example, sent to the Langfang shipment is delivered to the labeled “Langfang” goods Road.

Big Data for support

Intelligent logistics industry is an important theme 4.0, the use of bar codes, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, global positioning systems and other advanced networking technology, information processing and network communication technology platform is widely used in logistics transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, handling, and other basic aspects of the activities, implementation of automated cargo transport operation and high efficiency to improve management and logistics industry service levels, lower costs and reduce consumption of natural resources and social resources of the logistics system.

E-commerce offers a broad market space for the development of intelligent logistics. According to e-commerce transactions in 2014 National Bureau of Statistics survey released for the first time, the whole society of e-commerce transactions in 2014 amounted to 16.39 trillion yuan, an increase of 59.4%. Wherein B2B was 12.75 trillion yuan, an increase of 62.8%; B2C was 3.64 trillion yuan, an increase of 48.6%. Electricity supplier changes to traditional trade patterns has penetrated into all walks of life.

However, there are research institutions through research learned that the main contents of customer complaints is the electricity supplier delivery delays, but for all customer complaints in the largest, accounting for about 45.6% of all complaints; poor delivery service attitude in second place, accounting for about 9.6%.

Bottlenecks and challenges facing the electricity supplier, the biggest problem in the final analysis of the entire logistics system or low intelligence of the current problems. It is not difficult to understand the reasons for the development of smart electricity supplier logistics.

The development of intelligent electricity supplier also has a large data stream as a support. Jingdong responsible person will introduce large data accumulation Jingdong electricity supplier, making it possible for intelligent sorting between implementation and the number of single core node operation and parcel sorting centers errors, differences in monitoring and comparison. At the same time, big data can create a better evaluation system.

Since the electricity supplier of warehousing, distribution and logistics links with different traditional retail stores, traditional stores are classified according to categories of goods piling up, while the electricity business is in the research after user habits, combined with the promotion of the appropriate storage of goods stacked. Jingdong said the person in charge in the electricity supplier warehouse may be difficult to see similar products stacked together, but after the customer order is generated, the system will give the optimal sorting line, and quickly packaged library.

It is precisely because of the unique attributes of the electricity supplier, all the software part of the system Jingdong dragon, that part of the operating system, are independently developed by the Jingdong, and some hardware-related, such as sorting lines produced by the partners.

A robot shares Jingdong signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to develop intelligent logistics, robotics and Jingdong two sides plan to work together to achieve the international advanced level of electricity supplier logistics and warehousing business model, Jingdong enhance overall operational efficiency. Jingdong provide an experimental test site, the company provides intelligent storage and high-speed sorting equipment, jointly developed and tested to meet the operational requirements of the electricity supplier of advanced logistics equipment. Meanwhile, the two sides also jointly developed an advanced logistics technology applied in domestic construction next Jingdong warehousing logistics distribution center, take the equipment manufacturing by the company.

Accelerate the development of intelligent logistics welcome

In the electricity business, led by China in recent years rapid development of intelligent logistics, logistics and warehousing automation systems and related equipment investment scale, will grow from $ 2.5 billion in 2007 to 2015, 453 billion yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of about 43.64 %.

Currently electricity supplier logistics have begun under the auspices of stratification. This kind of self Jingdong platform electricity supplier, was the first to begin to invest in logistics automation, and large-scale investment on equipment requirements. Class brand electric providers, such as millet, Haier, Sea Orchid House, Uniqlo through the official website or third-party electronic business platform flagship store operations, such electricity supplier has a self-built logistics system demand, the current investment growth quickly. In addition, the vertical type electric provider, such as the United States together superior products, Goodaymart, easy fast, Intime, Brewmaster network, Yonghui, Lynx International, focusing on a particular category or a big big concept, according to which the electricity supplier development strategy different, and some self-built logistics system, and some third-party logistics service providers.

But their electricity supplier development, intelligent logistics there is a great space. At the same time, at present, China’s logistics system project has broad access to many areas of medicine, food and beverage, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electricity, railways, airports, retail chains, military, financial, clothing, print, geological exploration and research institutes .

Thus, Societe Generale Securities predicted that the next three years, intelligent logistics market space or over 400 billion yuan.

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