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April 26, 2020 Bluetooth module future-many programs, it is the intelligent hardware BLE

According to industry data show that in 2020 the global smart devices will have 50 billion networked, the average person has six networked devices, the industry output value of up to $ 19 trillion. In the trend of global industry development of intelligent, smart domestic hardware industry has also ushered in a new development, the manufacturers have launched cross-border cooperation, the introduction of intelligent hardware products, so all kinds of intelligent hardware products advertised have been listed. With the development of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, consumer acceptance of intelligent hardware products is rising, increasingly strong willingness to buy, we have seen a better future, but intelligent hardware industry to achieve further still when explosive Japan, after all, it did not actually bring much convenience to consumers, some of them even intelligent products with very tasteless.

The so-called “smart” in a certain sense does provide users with a convenient, but a certain lack of consumer awareness and Bluetooth defect itself, resulting in a number of intelligent hardware products, though advertised “smart” in the application but not much breakthrough, and can not please the consumer’s favor. And now the smart home field homogeneity is serious, companies with smart gimmick price war. Overall, the effect is not ideal.

Future Bluetooth-many programs, is intelligent hardware BLE

Analysis of the market generally intelligent Bluetooth products, we will find the problem:

First, the distance is too short, usually about 10 meters, even if the individual manufacturers to strengthen the design and to amplify the signal through an antenna Bluetooth module, generally no more than a distance of about 40 meters;

Second, only one connection or many connections, namely a control device can simultaneously control one or several Bluetooth terminal device.

So there is no breakthrough on the market to give consumers more than the limitations of the real sense of the changing product?

It is reported that Shenzhen liter Run Technology Co., the latest developed for Apple IOS users of smart home products based on a new type of directional networking platform – many to many apples lights. The greatest feature of the product is combined with modern people’s lives comfortable and simple lifestyle of multiple users can simultaneously control more than one lamp functions.

The product contains in addition to general market intelligence lamp automatic connection, custom alarm clock, color control, brightness adjustment, also uses a newly developed scientific and technological achievements, the Bluetooth-many control scheme that a breakthrough in the prior art Bluetooth terminal device can only accept restrictions control a Bluetooth wireless device, to achieve a number of Bluetooth wireless devices for controlling multiple Bluetooth-many appliances control, convenience and better, more efficient and more practical.

That this innovative intelligent hardware-many control schemes, whether it is intelligent hardware of the future?

On the “Future Development Summit Forum” held recently in 2015 China Internet Conference, some experts said, the future of intelligent hardware, should have innovative, interactive and intelligent these three properties, with these three characteristics, it is more in line with consumer demand, there is no doubt that this many-control technology in full compliance with these characteristics, the more inclined to this interaction, more in line with the requirements of things era.

Currently, most intelligent hardware products and mobile phones, computers, tablets, Internet. Be viewed and controlled by the APP device, and in order to enhance the security of smart home products, some well-known businesses are set touch, speech, gestures and other intelligent control hardware products, but they have ignored the impact of a consumer lethal factors experience, and that is the exclusive control of the device. As long as there is a control device with a Bluetooth terminal device connected to other control devices can not be connected with the terminal device, and this many-control scheme, is able to give consumers a real opportunity for a huge change, this is the intelligent hardware future real way out.

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