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April 23, 2020 Cellular Router: Application in Food Safety and Quality Inspection

Cellular Router: Application in Food Safety and Quality Inspection:


Improve food quality, operate efficency

As the strict demand for food safety in China, food and beverage industry are facing unique chanllenges, because they are facing the harish environment and strict quality demand. The Internet of things (IoT) helps food and beverage companies gain greater control over their manufacturing, manufacturing and transportation processes, delivering higher-quality products to end-consumers while maintaining operational efficiency and compliance with government regulations.



Simplify operation and improve efficiency

The iot-based solution provides multiple logistics for food and beverage companies. Industrial cellular routers can help organizations in the food and beverage industry increase efficiency and enhance business processes while also preventing machine downtime and other costly problems:

Using sensors to retrieve real-time data, you can track inventory, indicate when restocking is required, and automatically deliver the goods through a industrial cellular router.

Monitor and track shipments to ensure shipments on-time.

Monitor the status of containers and other vessels remotely to ensure the quality and safety of products.

Obtain alerts on machine maintenance and repair issues to maintain operational efficiency and prevent costly failures.




Improve the safety of food and beverage

Taking appropriate food safety measures is not only an important part of providing quality food and beverage products to consumers, but also plays a vital role in maintaining compliance.

Different food regulators and government agencies around the world are beginning to demand more detailed monitoring and records to ensure food safety.

Use USRIOT’s food and beverage solutions can help companies stay compliant while offering the best quality products:

Track food in transit to ensure that the quality of food.

Provide more detailed and accurate records of food production, manufacture, transportation and storage.

Use sensors to monitor temperature in containers to ensure safe food storage.

When data collected from the sensor indicates a possible problem or violation, it will triggers the staff to perform and to verify the required food safety checks.



The Internet of things may change the operation way of food and beverage industry thoroughly. A trusted iot solution, obviously it can help user to manage and extend their food and beverage IOT solution very well, so as to improve the process of manufacturing.

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