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April 26, 2020 Chinese Agricultural new wisdom whole industry chain model analysis

First, the family farm model analysis

Family farm refers to a family member as the main labor force engaged in agricultural scale, intensive, commercial production operations, agricultural income and major source of income for a family of new agricultural business entities. Now formed a certain scale, related to improved household incomes. Since the policy to encourage the rapid growth of the number of family farms in the future.

Objectively speaking, the family farms of varying levels of development of information technology, automation technology for production management of a very low percentage. It is expected that with the popularity of automated equipment and IoT technology, value and benefits of family farms will be further enhanced in the future will further expand the scale. The intervention of capital, will also lead to joint or merger between farms.

The basic situation is as follows:

In 2013 the concept of “family farm” first appeared in a central file, to encourage and support professional large contracted land, family farms, farmers’ cooperatives flow.

March 2013, the Ministry of Agriculture for the first time on the family farm developments nationwide survey showed that China’s current family farm started in the breeding industry, showed a high level of specialization and scale. All in the family farm for farming are 409,500, accounting for 46.7%; in the aquaculture industry has 399,300, accounting for 45.5%; engaged in planting and breeding combination has 52,600, accounting for 6%; in other industries there are 15,600 (1.8%).

By the end of 2012 (the same below), the country’s 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (excluding Tibet, the same below) total compliance with the conditions of this survey 877,000 family farms, cultivated land area of ​​1.76 million mu, accounting for contracted land 13.4% of the area. Average family farm labor force of 6.01 people, including family members, 4.33 people, long-term employees 1.68 people. The average scale reached 200.2 acres, the national average household contract management cultivated area of ​​7.5 acres of nearly 27 times. 2012 National Family Farm gross operating income of 162 billion yuan, the average family farm 18.47 million.

Second, the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (Community Supported Agriculture, CSA) sixties of the last century, first appeared in Germany, Switzerland and Japan, the eighties in the United States to give the initial development in Japan. A CSA is a form of cooperation between the farm or farm group and supported by the community to achieve risk-sharing, benefit-sharing. That farm producers promise not to use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or growth hormone, according to the production plans to use the natural ecological cycle system cultivation and farming.

CSA differs from rural families that producers are not limited to family members, and more is the use of business organization, and thus a higher business level. CSA model no fixed place of business “routine”, some require consumers to pay in advance at the beginning of the year to buy organic agricultural products; others allow consumers to become “shareholders”, not only the cost-sharing, but also bear the risk of natural disasters; some provisions. ” shareholders “can be put into cash, it can also be put into labor. The most noteworthy is that, CSA focus on environmental protection, promotion of healthy life styles: all farm work are manual; prohibition of the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, ripening agents affect the normal growth of crop chemicals.

CSA is to promote eco-organic agricultural production, current production is still in agriculture 1.0 times, or only on artificial means of small organic farming machines, most of the farm work requires people to themselves, the labor intensity is relatively large. This large-scale development of the agricultural challenges. With the expansion of production scale, the future demand for IoT technology greatly.

Relative abroad, CSA in China is still in its infancy, in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities developed rapidly. Prospect Industrial Research Institute, “China + Internet wisdom Agriculture (000816) Trends and Prospects chain Investment Strategy Analysis Report” pointed out: As of 2013, China’s CSA program has reached more than 200, distributed in nearly 20 provinces and cities, and exhibits from the first-tier cities to second and third tier cities to promote the rapid momentum.

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