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April 26, 2020 How to choose the Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Often asked the question: “Which Industrial Ethernet better?” Understandably, every company wants to focus on the most marketable future programs. However, this problem is not easy to answer. Currently exist a variety of different Ethernet technologies, such as Ethernet / IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Powerlink …… these different levels of networks based on different technologies and protocols (DCOM, CIP, IP, etc.), and behind the different camps vendor support, these factors make Ethernet market is so complex. This is not a single market, thus winning technology is certainly more than one.

Give you advice, you need to consider the Industrial Ethernet from two aspects: the platform-oriented solutions and application-oriented solutions.

  Industrial Ethernet platform oriented solutions

Platform program guide biggest feature is the wide applicability. They control logic, conventional control, motion control, information control and security solution for the theme. Taking into account the system cost, inheritance and integration channels also offer traditional networks. This makes the implementation of the new system becomes quite simple.

In addition, the software also reflects the broad applicability of such solutions is an important aspect. Industrial Ethernet has just appeared that year, making automation supplier can not use the physical network differences, everyone must operate on Ethernet platforms. However, they seek to differentiate at a higher level, especially in the software and protocols. These differences to end users is of great value. Software is a milestone. Automation engineering software, modules, and simulation, engineering, recycling, management of change, the issue became the effectiveness of end-users are most concerned about. The platform also includes diagnostic and management software, remote diagnostics and software products and services, able to process information and diagnostic information and business management automation systems, such as the integration of ERP.

Really makes these programs so remarkable is that they raised all the issues large manufacturing companies in the long-term operation may be of interest. Ethernet / IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet classified as a platform for this program.

  Application-oriented programs

Broad applicability than the platform of programs of this type of program is low. But from another perspective, they are more focused in specific areas. Most of these programs are concerned with the machine control and motion control, and strive to exceed the performance of existing and limits. These techniques also include diagnostic equipment, software solutions and integration interfaces, but they support the court was concerned with the more finely divided areas, but not all of the factory production system. They seek to improve performance to a higher level and to optimize and upgrade the machine class and movement system. EthernetCAT, Ethernet Powerlink classified as such.

  Industrial Ethernet solutions how to choose?

All manufacturers or machine, it is not just one of the techniques is the “right” solution? of course not. Manufacturers must weigh Class 2 programs bring value. There are no more than the ordinary scheme benefits another profit more valuable? If so, how these programs and other technology within a few years to maintain supplier relationships and the corresponding costs compared to the factory floor? This is a critical issue, and only the end-user can answer.

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