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April 26, 2020 Combined number of Wechat WiFi Bluetooth modules hardware vendors push access standard

On Wechat hardware innovation contest, Wechat open platform innovation Sun Danqing senior product manager for “pretending to be a geek,” he said, in order to reduce the threshold of the entrepreneurial team product access Wechat hardware platform, currently has major domestic Wechat WiFi and Bluetooth module manufacturers, built-in module Wechat of AirKiss and AirSync connection protocol.

More than a billion Wechat users, nearly 500 million monthly live magnitude, let Wechat open hardware platform becomes the target smart access hardware team regardless of the platform when the first choice. After Wechat open hardware platform on the line, there are already dozens of products access to more products being access.

For consumers, the use Tencent AirKiss and AirSync with intelligent hardware technology, only through Wechat APP, you can one-click access without third-party software decreased, reducing consumers, especially white users using smart hardware threshold. For developers, in their products with module built into these agreements, but also can significantly shorten product development and time to market.

Sun Danqing representation, Wechat has partnered with Broadcom, Qing Branch, Hanfeng other major chip and module manufacturers through technology licensing approach, built AirKiss agreement in its WiFi module. In terms of Bluetooth module, Wechat also with Broadcom, TI, letter Chida, IVT other chip and module manufacturers to use its built-in Bluetooth AirSync protocol module.

According to the “geeks pretending to be” understanding, in order to promote their field of intelligent hardware platform, in addition to cooperation with the upstream module manufacturers, Wechat hardware platform also hope that through innovative game mode, aggregation more entrepreneurial team. In Wechat hardware innovation contest Beijing division, we have decided at including squirrels frame, SKYA 3D printing equipment, Hee Kang intelligent heart detector, including the top three. Allegedly, the top three items for each Division, Wechat hardware platform will be multi-faceted support through their own resources, so that they are better able to follow the development of the project.

In order to facilitate developers more quickly understand Wechat hardware platform, shorten product development, time to market, recently Wechat relevant partners also jointly launched the official development board. Allegedly, the development board will be provided free of charge to the applicant. Wechat responsible for the development board background server program design, development, maintenance, and partners responsible for the development board hardware design, production, the applicant’s review, the development board payment and technical support services.

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