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April 26, 2020 Consumption Internet of Things: more aware networking technology will be integrated into consumer

Consumption Internet of Things, refers to the commercial area merchants, consumers, businesses conduct transactions around the members of all the same, material objects connected, highly intelligent network communication system for data exchange nodes, and pay, as its core values reflects the way, the role of online and offline business models throughout the closed-loop. It is the second “Internet +” after a subversion of the business model of the new technology to stretch dimension. Such a business just needs to start from the trading process, which will be committed to your business to create a reliable, safe and convenient, the social network of commercial activities. Internet of Things are widely perceived technological innovation, China’s social transformation and upgrading technology to become the cornerstone of the new industrialization of intelligent consumer countries.

How to use networking technology to commercial transactions in time, place, consumers, product information, sales and other factors are linked? Silicon tripod technology team building and improve the consumption Internet of Things in the theoretical system of constantly thinking and deduction. Consumer decision-making processes and related services before and after, is the need to use the perception Internet of Things technology to actively participate in efforts to improve the link. Its efficiency will directly affect the growth and development of social consumption. Accurate real-time customer, product, financial data, behavior and intelligence feedback mechanisms to promote real business model innovation and expansion of an important driving force.

Consumption Internet of Things is not a simple Internet + electricity providers, through technological innovation and model innovation to change the world’s commercial activities, so that the next finance, electricity providers, business logistics, manufacturing, retail and so fundamental occur, overall, the system sex change. It becomes traceability of product information, openness, predictability; it trading location and transactions become flexible technology, e-commerce platform and online experience, logistics and supply chain binding; it accurately identifies the identity and credit rating meet customer immediate, real consumer demand, and tap the potential customer base; it stores information on trade and business analysis to guide the manufacturing cost and efficiency control, improve the business management level; its commercial finance insurance and financial services pillar payments financing raised more more credible guarantee.

Internet of Things recognition technology through multi-faceted identity of the customer identification, such as a human face, retina, veins, fingerprints, summarize customer spending habits, and then in some media guide consumption, docking financial system, and establish a consumer credit system through consumer records, provided micro-loans and other financial services, so they formed a circle of customer consumption was associated systems.

Internet of Things to track items through identification technologies, tracking information is available through other forms of two-dimensional codes appear in the final sales locations. This traceability technology can not solve today’s food safety issues, but also to prevent the proliferation of fake imitations. At the same time, you can present information accurately deliver goods via the cloud platform to mobile phones and other information of potential customers on the receiving end, which is both a means to achieve precision marketing is an important part of consumer information and the like. This will form the traceability of goods and information sharing consumption was associated systems.

From the time element, the shops are, without exception, hoping to seize a 24-hour customer shopping needs, consumers are looking forward to have anytime, anywhere convenient shopping environment. However, physical stores, the 24-hour mean rising operating costs, increase in labor load. In fact, the technology is fully able to achieve Internet of Things no stores open. Voice, infrared sensors, bar code sensor, automatic alarm etc. iBeacon networking technology has been widely used in the gated, lighting control.

Consumers into the store self-service shopping, self checkout will become a natural thing. Such a 24-hour store pickup location can become even online transactions. The move product information network platform, consumers can order goods from anywhere on the network, with the network code in the payment of any in-store pickup will enhance the shopping experience of customers.

From store operations management, the inventory management of goods, business management, online marketing will be the introduction of modern software to record and implementation. For the analysis of sales data and reasonable estimates will help stores manage inventory, to avoid excess production and other business issues. Relying on these management and analysis of data stored in the cloud background.

September 29, 2015, the State Council issued “on promoting online and offline interactive innovation and development to accelerate the flow of commerce transformation and upgrading of opinions”, affirmed the online and offline interaction is one of the most dynamic economic structure, promoting consumption new ways and highlights the flow of commerce innovation and development, a clear encouragement of online and offline interactive innovation, stimulate solid business development activity, and improve the three aspects of a modern market system and other tasks.

Facing view of the current economic status of the development of commercial circulation, fatigue and other entities, established from the production – storage – Sales – Display – Identification – Control – Abort – Origin – Decision – targeting the whole process, all-round, the whole industry chain of IOT system will consume commerce for promoting the sustainable development of a medicine.

Silicon tripod technology in intelligent cash register payment has been made innovations. Variety cash register terminal fully supports online and offline payment with card recognition function, installation, professional store management software, both functionality and safety. Handheld mobile POS devices is to achieve immediate impulse spending tool, it allows traders to place changed from the immobilization of the flexible multi-directional.

Silver consumption is only one aspect of innovation networking architecture, the architecture contains a more nodes, direct energy-saving wireless high speed all the goods, from raw materials to finished products out of the library, access to the entire process of circulation into the full intelligence control. Mobile Internet social applications, provides all the better consumer protection, networking technology has become a fake tat Auto “police robot”, rather than on the cutting-edge technology tall. Relying on expanding and deepening the theory of consumption Internet of Things, the more the perception Internet of Things technology will be integrated into the process of consumption, a safe, open and active commercial consumer format just around the corner.

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