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What is the definition of intelligence? How to understand the smart home?

In recent years, smart home industry is a relatively hot! There are a lot of people (especially looking for good business projects friend) want to work in this industry, there are many in your own home is to install the intelligent, to enjoy the technological life convenient; there are some people in the understanding of the smart home. No matter which type you belong, “smart home, smart home” has become the trend of our lives.

The main factors are the following:

The development trend of the times – the rapid development of smart phones and the popularity of the Internet industry is the premise of our lives toward intelligent protection. 3G, 4G and WIFI network applications fully meet the smart home remote use.

People pay attention to quality of life – abundant material conditions in modern society, people’s quality of life in the pursuit to become mainstream, and hope they can enjoy a simple lifestyle, no longer home chores bother (all kinds of home appliances lot remote control, panel lights everywhere).

Price-cost smart home light – light current smart home market prices and costs in an ordinary family can afford to consume the (usually a few thousand dollars yuan), it is no longer before people learned that expensive price, apt to several hundred thousand dollars to start.

Lightweight structural characteristics of the system of smart home – easy to install, simple to use and simple maintenance. Previous smart home is basically a “Bus” smart home, popular thing to say is needed cloth “Communication” (cable or other) smart home line, you need a professional company to design, construction and maintenance, this smart home system structure inappropriate popularity. The smart home is lightweight wireless communication, free networking, ye want to play on how to play.

How to understand the smart home

When we talk about smart home, most of the voice is heard saying “smart home is to use a mobile phone to control everything at home.” In fact, this is wrong to say that, yes, on the smart home phone can control all the controlled device at home, Will do we really need to hold the phone all the time to control all the family? what is the real meaning of it? for example, I have to use to open the phone, turn off the lights? If children and senior citizens are not smart phones, it is not to family inconvenience it? who would say always clasped tightly phone? similar problems and so it is not on the necessity of a smart home system. Smart home is to make our home life smarter, easier, more comfortable, more peace of mind, have a home for the elderly and children.

Light (wireless) smart home concept – residential platform, using a wireless network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be integrated facilities relating to home life, build efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system, improve home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment. The main emphasis on automatic intelligent control, sensors, and through scenes and linkage module “get a key.” (Simple, just use your phone, tablet and various controllers in any one place you can control, manage home audio and video, electrical appliances, lighting, portals, security, etc., to achieve things together.)

Smart Home’s core philosophy – “a key figure” is the core concept of smart home is through a simple action can achieve their home scene (Scene) requirements. Such as home, just press a button to turn off all the lights at home and controlled devices, security arming automatically open out to ensure worry-free; another example at night to go home, open the door automatic lights, open the curtains, disarm, etc., are all scenarios You can customize according to individual needs. Only an auxiliary phone device only, not always need to go out into the open the phone to operate.

Smart home brings us change – Let’s give an example to understand the smart home, such as mobile phones. We are now accustomed to the smart phone, I believe that most people now buy a smart phone or call in mind, not to play games online or buy a smart phone, but smartphones give us the change is too great . Internet, play games, shopping, transfers, calls, video chatting, reading, and so much “convenience” of our lives, make life more “simple.”

Secondly, from the perspective of the product to understand the smart home. Many of my friends started, I sent him to see the information, he do not understand, there will be a lot of questions. He said, I see your list, that is, some of the panel lights, camera, door ah, ah doorbell, the receptacle further comprising sensors, to see these things, that usually sparse, no, we still have to sell thousands of pieces money, a little afraid of being pit feeling. Every time I Oh. I’ll often ask them, we simply want to enjoy life, which is the home we live in interest income. Not that the light brightness adjustment, automatic curtains closed, joint operation of all electrical, as well as anti-theft, anti-gas, into a separate system of background music, video intercom, access control and so on. Washing machines, rice cookers, how do you think he needs a “smart”

Accessories smart home system is to allow more “dead” objects “live” together. Let them mutual interaction between the various settings for various scenes, one button buttoned. So that “simply” enjoy “comfortable” life. This is the definition of intelligence.

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