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April 26, 2020 Depth analysis of the competitive landscape of the smart home market

Smart home now has entered a multi-stage for the market, and that in the end is now in the market competition, enterprises formed a kind of pattern? Analysis together.

Depth analysis of the competitive landscape of the smart home market

Depth analysis of the competitive landscape of the smart home market

1. Internet companies, to extend the industrial chain layout, build a unified platform to build the ecosystem

(1) electric business oriented, traditional business as the center, through the control module to achieve interoperability, extending coverage ecosystem, super APP mode, consumer users drainage. Select the WiFi technology-based, wireless hybrid network, located in the user after the installation market. Representative Type: Jingdong Microunion Ali ash, millet ecosystem.

(2) the user / content-oriented, QQ IOT / micro-channel open platform, music, as the super happy home and other applications.

“QQ Things intelligent hardware open platform” / micro-channel open platform, QQ account system and the chain, QQ news channel capability and other core capabilities and provide industry solutions or functional optimization of micro-channel public number, provided to wearable devices, intelligent home, smart car, and other areas of traditional hardware partners to achieve interoperability and user interaction with the device equipment and devices, and full utilization of the advantages of the client and Tencent cloud services, helping traditional industries to achieve a greater range of Internet .

Music, as has cloud platform services, resources and other advantages content repositories, hardware terminals and other companies do not apply, and can generate natural links and cooperation with equipment manufacturers of products and business lines. In the “platform + content + terminal + application” on the basis of music as ecology, bring more users, content and service resources.

(3) other ecosystem types. Huawei Hi Link plans to build smart home ecology to connect the core of the “people, vehicles, home,” the Trinity as the ultimate goal of the entire layout; Meizu LifeKit platform to create Haier Meizu wisdom ecology, and by Ali cloud big data users choose the right products for the automatic mode of operation. 360 will indicate their ability to cloud services, Big Data platform technology, online marketing platform, APP development capabilities, open chipsets and other resources to conduct a comprehensive vertical integration, to create a complete open smart home ecosystem, and the introduction of 360-even the module .

2. The household electrical appliance enterprises, into the intelligent features, and promote the traditional home appliance industry upgrading, to build wisdom living ecosystem

Haier U +, through the open interface protocol to allow different brands, different types of home appliances access platform, interactive system level. U + platform based on the wisdom of life, wisdom, life can provide different solutions for the user.

United States M-Smart Wiser Home strategy, sensing, big data, intelligent control technology as a means to play the world’s most complete home appliances horizontal integration resources capacity, white goods category to achieve full interoperability. Through strong cooperation with Ali, Huawei and other partners to create an open wisdom home applications.

3. The conventional control enterprises, pay more attention to pre-installed market integration projects

(1) conventional electrical lighting Enterprises:

Multinational brands dominate the US and European markets mature product line, the introduction of domestic, intelligent systems mostly used in large-scale public construction projects, supporting the scale residential and hotel projects. With the heat of the domestic market, we have begun to try to launch the Chinese market demand for related products. National brands on behalf of enterprises in the industry trend, driven by actively seeking intelligent transition, unlike the foreign product development, the introduction of a long process, domestic enterprises and try to quickly adjust the product line has a speed advantage in new product direction, and relatively fast Internet business intelligence and related supporting enterprises.

(2) intelligent control Enterprise:

AV control products to the North American market as the leading brand in recent years, each of these products represent brands have entered the domestic market. For audio-visual room in the whole house intelligent, living theater different segments of application environments. It is worth mentioning that in recent years the control system to continue to reduce costs, the domestic third-party equipment manufacturers appear integrators transition from, making the supporting panel, light control module as the representative of a third-party product prices become more close to the people. At the same time, domestic equipment manufacturers began to get involved in the field of family control equipment, channel competition more fierce.

(3) Bus control Enterprise:

Around the smart home market and partial integration projects commercial projects supporting the market growth of a number of representative domestic enterprises and foreign brands into the domestic market. It focuses on projects and market channels, function highlighting ground gas and cost-effective route.

(4) wireless systems Enterprise:

And the bus system corresponding to the application, wireless control technology in the field of intelligent home-based play. Try engineering support and channel Market. Compared to a single category of companies with more experience in combat engineering, but in the light wave of intelligent wireless products have also been the impact of lower customer price. With the development of domestic smart home market all the way to grow, training for real estate projects, renovation company, weak companies, business platform and other channels have to try, in the years fought also accumulated a certain technology base and OEM capability.

4. Smart Home brand new

In the new round of venture wave, born out of a number of new smart brand. Many single product through intelligent import complete concept and user accumulation, and then build systems with more ancillary products. In human-computer interaction, promotion and more innovative aspects of the new features extend the advantage. Many also by supporting intelligent module with traditional enterprise cooperation, intelligence help transform traditional products.

Summary analysis:

For intelligent home division of different types of enterprises, many factors need to be considered the type of technology, business background, market concern surfaces, in recent years, coupled with more traditional enterprises and entrepreneurial team involved in the nature of these properties, as well as multi-functional smart home system, the market situation and participation complex business category. In the definition of the actual project smart home system, lighting control nature is not open around one of the important links. In this process, the association supporting the industry chain is essential in the industry ecosystem Now that formed the territory, many companies also are partners.

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