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April 24, 2020 Does Industrial Router have Advantages in Earthquake Monitoring?

In order to reduce the casualties and property damage caused by earthquake, IoT technology has been widely used in earthquake monitoring and communication.

Seismic stations are usually located in remote locations and harsh environments, which makes it difficult to transmit real-time data collected from different nodes to earthquake monitoring centers. In order to improve the efficiency of data acquisition system and ensure accurate seismic detection, a reliable communication network must be established.

Earthquake detection is depends on wireless network more than before, because of the infrastructure damage after the occurrence, Ethernet is basically unable to work normally, so 4G routers, modules and other cellular network devices are very important in earthquake monitoring. Satellite communication cost is high, requires large power supply, and is limited by bandwidth and delay considerations. Satellites are also not suitable for areas with dense leaves or mountains that blocking signals between satellites and remote stations. 4G networks are now become ideal for seismic detection and telemetry systems.


Seismic monitoring system requirements:

4G network

Through serial port protocol to communicate with seismic monitors

Support remote management and maintenance

Industrial-class robust design, design for harsh outdoor environments

Wide voltage DC12-48V

High and low temperature resistance, range from -25 °C-70 °C


The advantages of industrial router

High reliability connection

Supports 3G/4G network

Hardware watchdog, Link auto-restore and auto-restart to ensure non-stop working in 24 hours

Easy to use

Support all kinds of interface, including terminal, USB port, LAN port, wifi antenna slot, sim card slot,

Can be configured by web, telnet, SSH

Support VPN and Data security

Rugged industrial design

Wide temperature, range from -20~70°C


Working principle of industrial router

At each seismograph station, 4G industrial router is connected to the seismic monitor and transmits the real-time data to the remote monitoring center via the 4G network. The sensor can record very small vibrations into the event file. The event file contains information such as intensity, time period, waveform data, and other parameters. The detailed data can be used for accurate event detection, advanced analysis and earthquake prediction.

USRIOT's industrial router USR-G806 can working in harsh outdoor environments and provides reliable communication between remote sites and monitoring centers. Industrial router supports VPN. Industrial routers allows engineers connects to the workstations and analyze data through secure tunnels. Engineers can check the GIS location of remote stations, monitor the connectivity status and data usage of distributed 4G routers, and perform large-scale upgrades and management remotely .


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