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April 26, 2020 Elaborate Smart Home Road Mishap how popular “cure”?

Smart home concept has been the rise of a few years, and last year should be the year of the outbreak of the smart home, especially after AWE2015, smart home has become the various companies competing to show off the capital. Today, however, arguably should be Masamori limelight, but the actual situation is unsatisfactory. Editor’s opinion, scientific and technological circles should also belong to the “fence, Sui Fengdao” smart home is still the darling of last year, a style revolution, VR will not do the fire, the limelight has been overshadowed smart home had a good development.

Smart home too fancy gimmicks Mishap

Although the smart home robbed of the limelight, but way behind, or to continue to go on, just as no one concerned about us, we still have to live wonderful. Editors still have to be ruthless to expose the dilemma facing the intelligent home, also known as the mishap.

The first is the price, remember Zhao Benshan’s skit said, “small for gestational age, you wear a vest, I do not know you?”, Smart home is “off the vest I still know you”, since put on a “smart “coat, camouflage really good, so the price is relatively high. For the average consumer groups look at the budget, it should be said that low cost, thousands of the basic price, complete down at every turn tens of thousands of smart home products, the lack of recognition for intelligent users, the price is indeed a threshold, even many users believe that the smart home is to use high-end consumer group, not as a babysitter cost-effective.

The second is to control the phone app and a few gimmicks, users have become accustomed to popular devices, it takes time to change habits. Smart home device function can not meet consumer demand. Even if there are new features can impress some consumers, it is difficult to spread to the broader market.

Then there is the issue of network security, if the home is really a full range of smart home, so if hackers find exposed holes in danger, their privacy and property is threatened. Of course, important, intelligent home needs 5G network drive.

The last issue is the link between different brands of products, there is no one standard.

Elaborate Smart Home Road Mishap how popular “cure”?

Mishap how to “cure”?

There is a problem we must solve, so, what issues face the above said, we can improve a little bit.

a. smart home equipment manufacturers to make money through follow-up services, the price of hardware products price is not high, so that more ordinary people can accept.

b. smart home device needs more publicity and display, so that more users recognize the potential of what to solve daily needs, as well as convenience, to stimulate the desire to buy the market.

c. smart home equipment manufacturers need to find an initial equipment purchase and subsequent replacement of the equilibrium point solutions, such as a smart phone in 2012 need to be upgraded so that the device can bring a steady cash flow and stable user base for the company .

d. smart home vendors need to develop a common standard to address barriers on compatibility, operability, and concerted efforts to reduce the user’s initial use and cost more to use the product.

Mishap cure how popular?

Talked about the popularity of smart home this issue, the editors think still have to start small, start small home appliances, compared with the large appliances, small appliances is relatively low cost, short replacement cycle, combined with intelligent become an important selling point. The industry believes that the future of the first to complete the transformation and intelligent boost the rapid development of intelligent home appliances will be small.

Globally, the proportion of Japan’s small appliance sales and large appliance sales reached 0.86, Korea The index also reached 0.5, while China is only 0.27. As big small appliances into the consumer upgrade cycle, relatively large appliances, small household appliances industry, the future of our huge room for growth. Some agencies believe that the next five years, annual growth of intelligent home appliances will remain at around 12% in 2020, the small household appliance market is expected to reach 460 billion yuan.

In addition, the sanitary aspect, we are concerned about smart toilet, may also become a popular breakthrough, the current public enterprises see great potential in the toilet, the bathroom many companies eager to start, hoping to enter the smart toilet industry slice. However, the traditional toilet and bathroom industry for the smart electronics industry is not closely related to the natural advantages, many companies need to cooperate with professional OEM manufacturer of smart cover, and then the ceramic body binding.

It is worth mentioning that the home appliance giant has been aimed at the smart toilet market, with the advantages of smart home research and development, has become a strong competitor in the market, just around the corner.

Overall, both the development bottleneck or just grab the limelight by VR worth mentioning, smart home or to be down, because as technology continues to develop, we are constantly improving the quality of life requirements, the smart home It can enhance the force grid weapon!

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