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April 26, 2020 Face Internet of Things:Google can only headache sell sell sell!

Data coming era of the world adds a myriad of possible development of the network, increase network equipment, let internet of things be the inevitable trend of future technology development.

  Internet of things strikes

According to IDC statistics, in 2020, networking devices will triple from 10 billion to reach 34 billion, the amount of global data from 2014 to 2020 grew 4.4ZB 44ZB. How to take advantage of the explosive growth of data, these laws have no data generating commercial value has become a major enterprises need to consider the proposition.

The face of internet of things: Google can only headache sell sell sell!

Google is one of the world’s most advanced technology companies, early start to the layout of internet of things, it acquired a number of networking companies. But it seems that Google believes that the acquisition of these companies, some not enough to generate profits for themselves, can not change the world, there was the sale of part of the company’s plans.

  The face of internet of things: Google can only headache sell sell sell!

  Robots? Internet of things?

If you do not understand Google’s networking technology, you may have heard three months of man-machine war. Alpha Dog final 4: 1 victory over human achievement world champion, although Alpha Dog is not the full sense of internet of things, but also does not seem to bring immediate benefits to Google, but Alpha Dog emergence has changed the world, changed the human awareness of AI, will also profit.

Affiliated with the Google robot, Boston Dynamics (Boston Dynamics) the situation does not seem good. Boston Dynamics, established in 1992, has been doing research and development of robots, acquired by Google in 2013, and released a Atlas robot, with a strong balance and ability. But Google has dissolved robot team, because Google believes the company still needs a few years to launch products for market demand.

Similar internet of things have happened in another Google Internet of things only home business: Nest. In 2014, Google spent $ 3.2 billion acquisition of Nest This networking start-up companies, but so far has not released a product Nest, which makes Google’s Alphabet of its parent company have been questioned. Meanwhile, Nest The company does not bear responsibility, seems to get stuck in the Optional clear himself, to shirk responsibility Dropcam 2015 acquisition of the company’s own body.

  The face of internet of things: Google can only headache sell sell sell!

Google also headache

Reaction from Google, we can see that internet of things are still important direction for future development of science and technology, no doubt. However, in practice, some companies limit had been acquired by the parent company of Alphabet Google seems to have been out of the core of the Alphabet, Alphabet is planning to sell these “possessions.”

According to statistics, over the next five year-end, “Internet of things” solution spending will reach $ 6 trillion, networking equipment will reach 24 billion. Internet of things era is upon us, but even if he wanted such technology giants Google, the face of the unknown also requires constant exploration.

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