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April 26, 2020 Financial encounter Internet of things, what will spark clashes?

“Door can automatically turn on the lights automatically turn off to go home appliances, real-time monitoring of indoor appliances run ……” This is our familiar internet of things in the smart home scenarios. And when internet of things hit by the financial, will impact what kind of spark? When internet of things technology can give the Chinese a few trillion chattel “immovable property”, it would be kind of a financial blue ocean?

June 29, Ping An Bank released yet another blockbuster innovations in Shanghai – internet of things financial. At present, this new technology has been in the automotive industry, the steel industry to break the ice, through networking technologies to connect movable to immovable property, changes in the supply chain financial model, bringing the wisdom of movable property financing business style new development.

Bank pledged assets plus “umbrella” to revive bank financing movables

“Only national annual steel consumption reached 700 million tons, the amount of more than 2 trillion yuan, accounting for half of the world’s real economy is still a huge demand for commodities.” Ping An Bank Shao Ping said at the financial conference Internet of things .

Financial encounter internet of things, what will spark clashes?

Finance is the core of the credit rating system. Copper and other trade credit crisis had occurred precisely because of the lack of regulation of the banking pledge of movable property, the credit rating of subjective errors lead to huge financial risks. Currently, financial institutions also lack of effective control of business entities, banks use for many years in the pledge of warehouse receipts, mutual interconnection and other traditional commodities financing business model has been unprecedented challenges, industry enterprises generally lead to the deterioration of credit into financing difficulties.

Many financial sources, internet of things make cars, steel trade, trade copper and other movable property with a real estate property, such as iron and steel trade, can the whole process of internet of things, all aspects of steel trading warehouse receipts to block repeated pledge, a pledge false series chattel regulatory problems.

Traditional chattel financing business, banks and enterprises will be legally owned by the bank approved movables entrusted stream regulators supervision, logistics regulators artificial site supervision through the presence of regulators. This management approach is not only time consuming, but there could be duplicate collateral, early warning is not timely and other risks.

The Internet of Things application of new technologies for banks to solve the above problem provides a feasible solution. In the steel industry as an example of being a pilot, Ping An Bank Group introduced a joint perception of internet of things perceived enclosures sensing devices and smart monitoring system in key regions of the country’s steel trading advanced intelligent upgrading of large warehouses, the realization of movable property inventory identify, locate, track, monitor, and other systematic, intelligent management, so that all customers, regulators and banks and other participants are from time, space and perception of the two dimensions of comprehensive supervision of movables subsisting state and changes in effective solve the chattel financing process information asymmetry problem.

For many small and medium micro enterprises, companies in the past to apply for bank loans, the banks to examine the company’s financial statements, the quality manager, the team, the user, the production, the most important point is that companies must have collateral in order to ultimately obtain loans. But after the installation of Internet of things perception cards, networking equivalent Escort, real-time monitoring, can achieve full regulatory process without missing link, the bank can safely lend up. Currently perception Group have teamed up to make the concept of PAB floor.

Shao Ping said that the introduction of networking technology, so that the credit rating goes from air defense anti-technology, “subjective evaluation” give way to “objective evaluation.” Internet of things chattel mortgage finance, will profoundly change the supply chain financial model, will break the small micro-enterprise loans difficult problem.

Technology to create new intelligent warehouse regulate commodity circulation order

Now, some banks posted loan 4S shop supervisors can sigh, the original rely on manual control vehicles sold, the repayment before the “movements” – artificial inventory, check the pledged assets, links, and more oversight, pressure, now, networking and financial integration of organic birth “internet of things finance”, a comprehensive monitoring per vehicle by the pledge, the bank assets are adequately protected.

A smart card, a background control system, a smart phone, less than half a minute, will be able to build a car for sale “virtual fence” an online, so that bank assets protected; once the vehicle moves out of the “virtual fence” system the default state of the vehicle is an illegal move, the cloud management platform will be an alarm, cloud management platform shows the vehicle trajectory. Even internet of things financial equipment demolitions, supervisors will have a mobile phone alarm signals, traffic safety and out of the safety position have different colors marked online.

Ping An Bank presentation, networking allows traditional intelligent security monitoring after a change in the track prior warning, so that the traditional-based RFID, bar codes, two-dimensional code logistics information passively managed change into active links exhaustive supervision. Internet of things change in the traditional financial sector will significantly beyond people’s imagination.

In the domestic steel mills and steel distribution center focus, Ping An Bank are working together to launch large-scale logistics enterprise warehouse Internet of things intelligent upgrading of the country. After the transformation, in the process of unloading cargo, gravity sensor storage of real-time acquisition of goods by weight, and transmitted back to the warehouse management platform. At the same time, real-time monitoring and collecting positioning device location information storage warehouse cargo storage, warehouse managers can monitor in real time, and warehouse management platform based on warehouse receipts can generate all kinds of information, and the warehouse is locked, activate the alarm service.

At present, this warehouse will be given a unique kind of “identity.” Based networking technology and movable property registration unified platform to effectively support the new warehouse, will fundamentally solve the chattel repeat collateral issues.

“Internet of things achieve financial capital flow, information flow, the flow of third-rate one entity, reduce the overall risk of the virtual economy, the profound and far-reaching changes in many financial banking, securities, insurance, leasing, investment and other original model.” State of internet of things, chief scientist, perception Group president Liu Haitao, said the offer to solve different from the electronic circulation of information asymmetry, but can not control the Internet e-commerce process, the new model will bring new electric provider model – internet of things electricity providers. Liu Haitao with the words, the electricity supplier regulatory model will achieve a worry free link to personal property. Chattel financing business will usher in a new transformation!

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