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April 23, 2020 Five Common Problems of the Serial Device Server

Question 1: How to configure the serial device server?


Answer: Before configuring the serial device server, it must be based on your own application scenario requirements.


The parameters that need to be configured mainly include the serial port working method, network parameters, and device management information. The general serial device server will provide serial port, browser web page, manager and other multiple methods for configuration.



Question 2: When multiple serial device servers are used as TCP clients, they are connected to the server through the public network. Only one IP port is open on the server, how can the connection be completed?


Answer: The upper computer is set to be the server through virtual serial port, and the corresponding instruction code sent by serial port is called to slave device by serial port assistant. The slave device will respond if the device ID is corresponding.



Question 3: Why is data loss when using virtual serial port to transfer files?

Answer: Data loss is mainly due to the fact that the speed of the serial port itself is not the same when the virtual serial port program ends data and sends data to the remote device, so the data loss will occur.


The solution is to set "simulate baud" in a virtual program.




Question 4: Can multiple computers visit a serial device server at the same time?

Answer: When many computers visit at the same time, in the polling state, only one computer can be connected to the serial server. Moreover, the polling can be completed automatically, and no other parameters need to be set artificially.




Question 5: How to set the serial port type and baud rate of the serial device server?

Answer: Log in serial device server through WEB, click serial port configuration interface, you can see the serial port type selection and baud rate setting options.

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